Bulgarian Needlepoint Lace

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  •  3-5-2015
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Автор:Maria Koleva
Издателство:Svyat publishers
ISBN: Тегло (гр.): Формат: 170 / 240 Състояние: Отлично
Bulgarian Needlepoint Lace. Maria Koleva
(Българска иглична дантела)

This is a rare and out of print ethno album book by Maria Koleva. Text in in English. 
This unique book has many photos showing the best of the Bulgarian lace making, rich with 1300 years of traditions. 
This beautifull designs, their uses and history are the subject of this book. 
The people who want to learn the design and the technicks of the lacemaking also will find the instructions and grafics they need.

* Introduction... 5
* Historical... 5
* Needlepoint Lace in Traditional dres and Relaited Customs... 11
* Needlepoint Lace Tehniques... 31
* Epilogie... 50

Категория:     Мода и облекло
Издателство:     Svyat publishers
Година:     1990
Cтраници:     51
Забележка: Нова, неизползвана книга.
Налични бройки:     1
Език:     Английски
Град на издаване:     София
Корици:     меки
Размери:      170/240/0 мм
Ключови думи:      Bulgarian Needlepoint Lace, Maria Koleva, keneta, wedding kerchief

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