Excel VBA in Easy Steps. Ed Robinson

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  •  27-3-2015
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Автор:Ed Robinson
Издателство:Computer Step
ISBN:9781840782714 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 185 / 225 Състояние: Отлично
Learning to program in Excel VBA is easy! The Visual Basic programming language is available and waiting in Excel itself - ready to be used. This book will help you utilize the full power of Excel to write and extend macros. It will also allow you to learn to program in Visual Basic - without the expense of buying the Visual Basic software! Its easy, step-by-step, colourful, illustrated approach is ideal for complete beginners or users a little daunted by advanced VBA books. Increase productivity and efficiency with this excellent guide

Категория:     Компютри, софтуер, интернет
Издателство:     Computer Step
Година:     2004
Cтраници:     192
Налични бройки:     1
Език:     Английски
Град на издаване:     Лондон
Корици:     меки
ISBN:     9781840782714
Размери:      185/225/0 мм
Ключови думи:      Excel
Категория › Компютърни

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