The Third Way. The Renewal of Social Democracy

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  •  11-2-2020
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Автор:Anthony Giddens
Издателство:Polity Press
ISBN:9780745622675 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 140 / 200 Състояние: Мн. Добро
Английски език

Preface vii

1 Socialism and After 1

The death of socialism 3

Old-style social democracy 8

The neoliberal outlook 11

The doctrines compared 14

The recent debates 17

Structures of political support 20

The fate of social democracy 23

2 Five Dilemmas 27

Globalization 28

Individualism 34

Left and right 37

Political agency 46

Ecological issues 54

Third way politics 64

3 State and Civil Society 69

Democratizing democracy ' 70

The question of civil society 78

Crime and community . 86

The democratic family . 89

4 The Social Investment State 99

The meaning of equality 101

Inclusion and exclusion 104

A society of positive welfare 111

Social investment strategies 118

5 Into the Global Age 129

The cosmopolitan nation 130

Cultural pluralism 133

Cosmopolitan democracy 138

The European Union 141

Global governance 144

Market fundamentalism on a world scale 147

Conclusion 154

Notes 156

Index 164

I intend this short book as a contribution to the debate now going on in many countries about the future of social democratic politics. The reasons for the debate are obvious enough - the dissolution of the ‘welfare consensus’ that dominated in the industrial countries up to the late 1970s, the final discrediting of Marxism and the very profound social, economic and technological changes that helped bring these about. What should be done in response, and whether social democracy can survive at all as a distinctive political philosophy, are much less obvious.

I believe social democracy can not only survive, but prosper, on an ideological as well as a practical level. It can only do so, however, if social democrats are prepared to revise their pre-existing views more thoroughly, than most have done so far. They need to find a third way. As I explain in the text, the term ‘third way’ is of no particular significance in and of itself. It has been used many times before in the past history of social democracy, and also by writers and politicians of.........

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