The Anthology of English and American Verse / Антология новой английской и американской поэзии

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  •  25-1-2020
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Автор:Н. Г. Гутерман
ISBN: Тегло (гр.): Формат: 140 / 200 Състояние: Мн. Добро
Здраво книжно тяло, без забележки в текста.

Английски и руски език.

This anthology aims at acquainting advanced studente of English with thè work of English and American poets, not yet puhlished in this country. It will also he helpful to all those in-terested in contemporary verse in English. Having in mind these two classes of readers, thè author selected thè poems and put to-gether thè notes and commentary, making thè latter as informative as possible.

As a rule, no selection in this hook has heen abridged, with thè exception of only a few pieces — C. Rossetti’s Goblin Market; J. Thomson’s The City of Dreadful Night', MacNeice’s Autumn Journal', A. Lowell’s Lilacs and W. Whitman’s When Lilacs Last in thè Dooryard Bloom'd. From G. Meredith’s Modem Love 3 stan-zas have heen selected.

The volume contains 185 poems written by 94 English and American authors. The latter division is not strici, as some poems written by W. H. Auden after he settled in America have been included in Part I. Other inconsistencies of thè kind may have heen admitted. Chronologically, thè hook is a collection of verse in English, written between 1850 and 1950, though there are a few pieces composed earlier than 1850, — pieces, for example, by Robert Browning, Edgar Allan Poe, and Fitz-Greene Halleck.

The author aimed at selecting those poems which are generally considered to he good and presenting special interest, either because they are typical of a peculiar time or literary school, or they appear to have exercised an influence. Examples of these classes may he found in thè work of G. M. Hopkins, W. B. Yeats, W. H. Auden, A. Lowell, E. A. Poe.

The short biographical notes preceding thè poems do not claim to he a history of English or American poetry: they give but brief information concerning thè poet and his work. References to certain literary trends are confined to each particular instance.

The anthology consiste of two parts — ENGLISH VERSE and AMERICAN VERSE. The Notes and Commentary refer to both parts, and are respectively divided into two sections. They aim at making clear thè language difficulties occurring in thè text, and at supplying information as regards the historical facts, geo-graphical terms, and various persons’ names thè reader may come across.

The names of the poets and the proper nouns occurring in the poetical texts, as weli as some rare words, are given phonetic tran-scription.

For any criticism and suggestions that would tend to im-prove thè hook thè author will be very thankful, and hopes sin-cerely that those who use it will judge it favourably.
N. Guterman

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