Rift {Richard Cox}

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  •  8-1-2020
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Автор:Richard Cox
Издателство:Ballantine Books
ISBN:9780345462831 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 160 / 240 Състояние: Мн. Добро
Английски език

In an age where reality and science fiction are colliding, Richard Cox’s extraordinary debut thriller takes its place as an all-too-believable novel of white-knuckle adventure. For when an ordinary man makes one great leap for mankind, he triggers a chain of events that endangers his life, fractures his certainty, and plunges everyone he knows into a place where nothing is what it seems.

Cameron Fisher is bored. With his wife, Misty. With his job as an accountant at NeuroStor, the high-tech microchip firm. With everything about his life—until he is offered $5 million to test a secret new technology that uses a wrinkle in quantum physics to transmit matter from one place to another. His employer’s high-stakes brainchild is ready for its first human test. And Cameron Fisher is all too happy to oblige.

One moment Cameron is sitting naked in a seven-by-seven-foot metal room in Houston; the next second he is in a laboratory in Phoenix—trembling now not with fear but with joy. Within hours, Cameron will be free to go home. But first there is a celebratory drink—and a strange and scintillating meeting with a spectacularly beautiful woman. Then he’s being followed by men with guns ...and suddenly Cameron is running, darkest promises of technology."

—Lincoln Child Author of Utopia and coauthor of Relic stumbling, falling into a world that looks like his own, but in which he has become a ragged stranger, accused of murder and pursued by people who want him dead. It appears that NeuroStor’s invention has changed Cameron. Next, it will change the entire world.

With its stunning twists, sensual adventure, and raw psychological suspense, Rift takes readers on a thrill-a-second ride from Cameron Fisher’s first fateful leap to his last amazing choice. A gripping and utterly satisfying work of storytelling magic, Rift asks the ultimate question: What if you had to die to find out what it really means to be alive?

Richard Cox was born in Texas and currently lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he is at work on his next novel.

Здраво книжно тяло, без забележки в текста.
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