The Hours Of Etienne Chevalier

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Автор:Jean Fouquet
Издателство:George Braziller, New York
ISBN: Тегло (гр.): Формат: 220 / 280 Състояние: Много добр


Preface by CHARLES STERLING, Introduction and Legends by CLAUDE SCHAEFER

The Plates and Legends
Notes to Preface, Introduction, and Legends
Selected Bibliography
List of Exhibitions
Title Index of the Plates

18. The Descent from the Cross

The elongated T-shaped crosses lead the attention toward the Cross in the center. Two men lower the dead Christ while Joseph of Arimathaea extends his arms to receive Him. At the right, Nicodemus holds the jar of spices which will be used for the embalming (PI. 20). At the left, the Virgin lifts up her arms in a gesture of grief while St. John kneels and steadies the ladder from the back. The hammer, pincers, and nails used to detach Christ from the Cross lie on the ground. The detailed representation of the scene lends an air of authenticity to the deposition of the lifeless body, and the anguish and tension of the two participating groups—women on the left, elderly men on the right— contrast dramatically with the pleasant background.

Whenever he painted a historical scene or any event taking place on earth, Fouquet increased the number of persons participating in the scene. The main figures around the Cross and ladder have been placed before an open landscape, which makes their group stand out and gives it a sculptural quality which is heightened by the lighting behind it. The sky dominates the background while invented forms of Oriental architecture partially hide the mountains which seem to frame a lake. The landscape, speckled with hillside chateaus, is perhaps inspired by Fouquet’s recollection of a trip across the Alps. Strange cupolas and towers crowned with globes, common in the painting of this period, suggest the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. In the theatrical tradition of the Mystery Plays, fanciful elements are combined with a realistic landscape to serve as a setting for the center of the scene in which the action takes place.

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