The Best One-Act Plays of 1945

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Автор:Margaret Mayorga
Издателство:Dodd, Mead and Company
ISBN: Тегло (гр.): Формат: 140 / 210 Състояние: Мн. добро
The Best One-Act Plays of 1945. Margaret Mayorga

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... In further considering the probable effects of World War II on our theatre, there is the important fact that organizations like the USO gave unprecedented opportunities to young American players and also built a great audience for stage plays. If it seems at the moment to many theatre veterans that the resulting enthusiasms lack coordination, if the theatre seems to be offering phony culture or overgrown cabaret shows sometimes instead of works of imagination, it’s just the splitting of the hobble-skirt era. Honest American drama is not now the darling of any group, not even of play-reviewers; it is a questing, active, rugged, sometimes belligerent participant in all the doings of a great society. More power to it in its diversity!

The one-act technique and subject matter, not only of radio but of the amateur stage, has already contributed to these changing modes. Paul Green’s In Abraham’s Bosom and William Saroyan’s My Heart’s in the Highlands, both one-act plays before they were full-length works, were early important indications of that fact. The work of Tennessee Williams is the most recent exemplification—that is, among the big prize-winners.

This year especially, the subject matter of one-act plays gives strong presentments of what the future has in store. Most of these short plays are deeply concerned with major social phenomena— as indeed, what human being is not? The discovery of atomic energy, the direction of victory, the problem of the disabled, of the homeless, racial fears, stunted lives, hopes of brotherhood and the good life, and a smile or two along the way, these are the passions, the aspirations, the tears of our times. "To be or not to be" has become the most dramatic theme in the world, surpassing even the eternal triangle. Our writers seem to say, as they open up sores to our shocked vision, that self-preservation is neither kind nor graceful. But in these plays of 1945 the reader will feel the world revolving, will find the terror and pity and catharsis which have made dramas real since the days of the Greeks. Could playwrights offer more?

Long Island, 1946. Margaret Mayorga


Atomic Bombs.......Frank and Doris Hursley
On a Note of Triumph
Norman Corwin
The Face
Arthur Laurents
To the American People
Morton Wishengrad
A Bunyan Yarn
Stanley Young
Summer Fury
James Broughton
The Devil’s Foot
Nicholas J. Biel
The Unsatisfactory Supper
Tennessee Williams
The Fisherman......
Jonathan Tree
Silver Nails
Nicholas Bela
The Far-Distant Shore
Robert Finch and Betty
Selected Plays of the Year
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