A Taste of Britain

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  •  8-2-2019
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Автор:Sue Smerdon, Margaret Harvey
ISBN:9780582536838 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 230 / 100 Състояние: Мн. добро
Introduction 1
British meals: what they are and when they are eaten 4
Food from different parts of Britain 6
Food for festivals 8
Starters: Tomato soup 13
Arnold Bennett's omelette 14
Potted beef 15
Northumbrian potted kipper 16
Main courses: Fish Fish and chips 17
Abergwaun swper mecryll 19
Fish pie 20
Sole with cider 22
Main courses: Meat and poultry Roast meat and poultry 23
Cornish pasty 26
Lancashire hot pot and pickled red cabbage 28
Steak and kidney pudding 30
Shepherd's or Cottage pie 32
Main courses: Accompaniments Yorkshire pudding 34
Sauces 35
Stuffings 37
Vegetables 39
Cauliflower cheese 47
Bacon and eggs 48
Welsh leek pie 49
Welsh rabbit or rarebit 50
Rice pudding 51
Bread and butter pudding 52
Syllabub 53
Pancakes 54
Apple pie 55
Apple Charlotte 57
Sherry trifle 58
Custard sauce 59
Scones 62
Parkin 53
Sponge cake 64
Shortbread petticoat tails 66
Christmas cake 57
Actions 70
Utensils 71
Glossary 72

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A Taste of Britain is a taste not only of the most famous recipes of England, Scotland and Wales - but also of the festivals and traditions that go with them. The best British food has always been found in family houses and not in restaurants or hotels and this book gives away the British cook’s secrets. The well-known dishes include roast beef and Yorkshire pudding and Lancashire hot pot, as well as the cakes and puddings that have made British cooking famous.

Здраво книжно тяло, без забележки в текста.
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