Four Plays

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Автор:Marsha Norman
Издателство:Theatre Communications Group
ISBN:9780930452841 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 140 / 210 Състояние: Мн. добро
Four Plays / Marsha Norman

Getting Out

Third and Oak

The Holdup

Traveler in the Dark


An aurhentic universal playwright. . . one who speaks to the concerns and experiences of all humankind."

— Robert Brustein, The New Republic

Marsha Norman is best known for her first play, Getting Out, which brought her national acclaim just a decade ago, and for 'night, Mother, which earned her the Pulitzer Prize and worldwide fame. Now the legion of theatregoers who have never forgotten their experience of these plays can revel in the range of this artists work.

A young woman just released from prison fights to free herself from the confines of her past in Getting Out. In Third and Oak a troubled black DJ seeks out his surrogate father in a deserted pool hall, while in the laundromat next door two women help each other face the distress that results from absent husbands. Set in turn-of-the-century New Mexico, The Holdup celebrates the liberation of a lovable young ranch hand. A brilliant surgeon unable to save the life of his devoted nurse struggles with loss of faith in Traveler in the Dark.

Marsha Norman looks straight at the terrifying mediocrity of so many lives, at the lethal possessiveness of parents, at the black hole of death itself. She opposes the host of powers that imprison us with a delightfully dry humor, an encompassing compassion, and an imperishable will to freedom.
Marsha Norman grew up in Louisville, Kentucky and now makes her home in New York City. In addition to the 1983 Pulitzer Prize, 'night, Mother earned four Tony nominations and won both the Hull-Warriner Award and the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize. Thus far it has been translated into twenty-three languages, and was made into a feature film.

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