Dinny and the Witches. The Miracle Worker

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Автор:William Gibson
Издателство:Atheneum Publisher
ISBN: Тегло (гр.): Формат: 140 / 200 Състояние: Мн. добро
Dinny and the Witches. The Miracle Worker / William Gibson

Prefatory: A Hit and a Flop
Dinny and the Witches
The Miracle Worker
PAGE 157

"I was bom and educated, within limits, in New York City, not setting foot outside it until my majority; the city runs through much of my work, from first publication, a short story in the mid-thirties, to the play Two for the Seesaw more than twenty years later. I have lived for the better part of a decade in the Midwest, with interludes in the Rockies, and these are the locales for the poems collected in Winter Crook and the novel The Cobweb. Twelve years ago I settled in a Massachusetts town, not far from the birthplace of the heroine of The Miracle Worker—to Stretch the point somewhat—and my chief sortie out is on record in The Seesaw Log, a kind of travelogue of the theatre. I have been married for a short quarter of a century, to a girl who swiftly grew into an eminent psychoanalyst, a contributing factor in my sanity, and in recent years we have taken to raising two boys and our voices."

Забележка: Здраво книжно тяло, без забележки в текста.
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