My Chocolate Redeemer

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Автор:Christopher Hope
ISBN:978-0434346653 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 160 / 245 Състояние: Мн. добро
My Chocolate Redeemer / Christopher Hope

Some reviews of Christopher Hope's previous books
'The dazzling control of image and metaphor makes it a brilliant literary disquisition on dreams and truth, as well as on South Africa'

Robert Winder, Books & Bookmen
'His invention never flags and his scathing intelligence forcefully points up the sheer, outrageous contradictions of

the system'
Mary Hope, Spectator
'Mr Hope has a killing eye and a devastating chuckle for the pie-in-the-sky merchants and the dank hypocrisies of liberal Christian Britain'

Christopher Wordsworth, Guardian
‘The Hottentot Room is an entertaining novel, elegantly written and intricately plotted. It is also more than that, since the entertainment seduces us into coming to grips with dirty politics and ruthless power-games'

Robert Brain, Times Literary Supplement
'His constant awareness of the ways in which the ludicrous and the horrific so often go hand in hand makes for a unique vision of the country'

Times Literary Supplement
'As a mixture of subjective testimony and first-rate journalism, White Boy Running is remarkable for its intelligence and humanity, its informative breadth, and its personal story'

Douglas Dunn
ISBN 0-434-34665-9
9 780434 346653

This is the story of Bella, teenage chocolate junkie, fashion-mad and God-haunted, who lives with her grandmother and her uncle in the lakeside village of La Frisette, somewhere in France.

Uncle Claude - militant atheist, astronomer and professional cynic - is mayor of the village. He is also a member of the popular nationalist party whose leader, the 'Angel'

Monsieur Cherubini, is a champagne millionaire dedicated to returning immigrants to their countries of origin. So when an exotic black stranger turns up and takes over the entire floor of the grandest hotel in La Frisette, there is considerable dismay among the local populace. Worse still: word spreads that the unwelcome guest is none other than the former emperor of Zanj, a polygamous African tyrant overthrown in a coup and exiled amid rumours of embezzlement and cannibalism,- a dictator who kept bits of his opponents in the fridge and whose people worshipped him as their Redeemer.

What has brought so fabled a personage to La Frisette? Why is he interested in no one but Bella, and what were the promises he exchanged with her father before his death?

Funny, moving and sharply ironic, full of intellectual fireworks and red-herrings, My Chocolate Redeemer is an outstanding novel which draws on, and surpasses, all the great distinctive qualities of Christopher Hope's earlier fiction. The intriguing relationship between Bella and the Redeemer, set against the self-centred bickerings of a small town, creates a moral fable and political allegory all the more effective for the irony and lightness of touch which this prize-winning author brings to all his work.

Christopher Hope was born in Johannesburg and grew up in Pretoria. He was educated at the Universities of Witwatersrand and Natal. His first book of poems was Cape Drives (1974), which received the Cholmondeley Award, and his first novel, A Separate Development (1980), won the David Higham Prize for Fiction in 1981. A collection of stories, Private Parts & Other Tales, was given the International P.E.N. Silver Pen Award in 1982. His long poem Englishmen was dramatised by the BBC in 1986. His next novel, Kruger's Alp, won the Whitbread Prize for Fiction in 1985, and The Hottentot Room was published the following year. Black Swan, a novella, followed in 1987, and in 1988 he published his first work of non-fiction, White Boy Running. Christopher Hope has lived in London since 1975.

Claudia Zeff & Megan Wilson

Illustration: Les Beaux Jours by Balthus, Hirshorn Museum & Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution. Gift of Joseph H. Hirshorn, 1966.
Used with kind permission of the artist.
Author Photograph:
(G) Anita Scbiffer-Fuchs

Забележка: Здраво книжно тяло, без забележки в текста.
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