The Terracotta Army

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Автор:John Man
Издателство:Bantam Books
ISBN: Тегло (гр.): Формат: 130 / 200 Състояние: Добро
The Terracotta Army / John Man
List of Maps 7
A Note on Spelling 9
Acknowledgements 11
Picture Acknowledgements 13
Preface: An Army of the Past and Present 15
I. Discovery 19
II. The Grand Historian’s Hidden Agenda 36
III. Warring States, Conflicting Ideas 50
IV. From Prince to King 69
V. The Making of China 93
VI. A Ruthless Frenzy 107
VII. The World to Come 137
VIII. Digging the Tomb 160
IX. Making the Eternal Army 175
X. Sudden Death 214
XI. Consumed by Fire 241
XII. Six Thousand Characters in Search of a Role 275
XIII. New Marvels in Bronze and Stone 307
XIV. On Handling Treasures 328
XV. To Be Revealed 341
Appendix 1: Dates and Dynasties 357
Appendix 2: Qin and the Terracotta Army in Context 359
Bibliography 363
Index 371

In 1974 farmers digging a well near present-day Xian unearthed parts of clay figures, opening the way to one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all time. The Terracotta Army was a total surprise - some 8,000 life-size clay warriors and horses buried in 210 вс as a ‘spirit army’ to guard the tomb of the First Emperor.

The First Emperor, the brilliant and ruthless ruler who united China and built the first Great Wall, was beset by paranoia and a desire to dominate in the afterlife, as he had in this one. Around his giant tomb-mound, as yet unopened, other pits concealed a whole spirit world of officials, entertainers, armour, and bronze chariots.

1,000 of the warriors now stand with many other finds in a site that attracts some two million visitors a year. As work continues, there are surely more surprises to come. As John Man suggests, there could even be more warriors still to be discovered. One day, perhaps, the tomb-mound itself will be opened and its legendary treasures revealed.

Weaving together history and first-hand experience from his travels in China, John Man tells the story of how and why these astonishing artefacts were created.
‘Man conjures up an ancient people in an alien land in such a way as to make them live’


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