Practical English Phonetics

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Автор:Practical English Phonetics Advanced Course Е. Карневская, Е. Мисуно, Г. Ковалева, Ю. Дубовский, 3. Кузьмицкая, Л. Раковская, Н. Франковс
Издателство:Вышэйшая школа
ISBN: Тегло (гр.): Формат: 140 / 200 Състояние: Мн. добро
Practical English Phonetics / Е. Карневская, Е. Мисуно, Г. Ковалева, Ю. Дубовский, 3. Кузьмицкая, Л. Раковская, Н. Франковс

Авторы: Е.Б.Карневская, Е.А.Мисуно, Г.В.Ковалева, Ю.А.Дубовский, 3.Б.Кузьмицкая, Л.Д.Раковская, Н.П.Франковская
Под общей редакцией Е.Б.Карневской
Рецензенты: кафедра фонетики английского языка Киевского государственного педагогического института иностранных языков; А.М.Антипова, канд.филол. наук
4602010000-105 П--134 - 82
М 304 (05) - 82
(с) Издательство "Вышэйшая школа", 1982

Preface 3
English Sounds and Sound Phenomena 5
Section I. Intonation and its Function 30
Section II. Components of Intonation (Prosody). Pitch 33
Section III. Basic Nuclear Tones 41
Uniti. Rising and Falling Tones in English 41
U n i t 2. Falling-Rising and Rising-Falling Tones in English 49
Section IY. Utterance-Stress 58
Uniti. Peculiarities of English Utterance-Stress 58
U n i t 2. Degrees of Utterance-Stress 67
S e с t i o n Y. English Rhythm 73
Uniti. Peculiarities of English Rhythm 73
U n i t 2. The Influence of Rhythm on Word-Stress and Utterance-Stress ... 82
Section YI. Types of Heads in English 88
Uniti. The Gradually Descending Stepping Head. The High Head 88
The Broken Head 92
U n i t 2. The Ascending Stepping Head. The Low Head 96
U n i t 3. The Sliding Head. The Scandent Head 102
Section YIII. Basic Intonation Patterns of English 102
Unit 1. The Rising Tone Pattern 109
U n i t 2. The Falling Tone Pattern 118
U n i t 3. The Falling-Rising Tone Pattern 126
U n i t 4. The Rising-Falling Tone Pattern 131
Section YIII. Expressive Means of English Intonation 138
Uniti. Emphatic Tones.- 138
U n i t 2. Irregular Preheads 148
U n i t 3. Nuclear Shifts 157
U n i t 4. Compound Tunes 163
Section IX. Tone-Sequences in English 170
Unit 1. The Division of Utterances into Intonation-Groups 170
U n i t 2. Basic Types of Tone-Sequences in English 179
U n i t 3. Prosodic Co-ordination and Prosodic Subordination 186
U n i t 4. Supraphrasal Unities 200
S e c t i o n X. Styles of Speech and Their Prosodic Characteristics 207
Uniti. Correlation Between Extralinguistic and Linguistic Varia¬tion 207
U n i t 2. Prosodic Peculiarities of Formal and Informal Speech 212
List of Literature 227

The book is designed to give systematic practice in the pronunciation of English at the intermediate stage of learning the language. It is meant for second and third year students of English departments, i.e. it assumes basic knowledge of the English sounds and intonation. This book is in fact a continuation of "Practical English Phonetics"l, providing rules and graded exercises in the more complicated and less familiar areas of the subject. In compliance with the concentric methodological approach this book presents a development of the main premises and conceptions of the previous publication. This further programme in phonetics is aimed at: improving the students’ pronunciation habits in various kinds of speaking activities.

One of the major tasks of the book is to supply ample training on the adequate usage of sound and intonation patterns in spontaneous conversation. That means helping the learner to get a more or less instinctive command of the patterns which British English speakers commonly use in their everyday conversational speech.

The book also contains practical recommendations on reading aloud. The students are taught to express through intonation the information points and the complex semantic relations between the elements of a written text.

Needless to say that accurate phonetic usage in reading aloud and especially in conversational speech can only be achieved if the learner can identify and differentiate between the phonetic structures of the given language in listening and successfully imitate them in. reproduction.

Yet pronunciation practice in this book is not restricted to imitation and reproduction, its ultimate goal being the students’ greater proficiency in speech production.

The book consists of 11 sections which are further subdivided into a number of units according to the specific nature of the major problems.

The first section stands somewhat apart from the rest both structurally and in subject-matter. It presents drills on the most important sound contrasts and modifications in connected speech. The other 10 sections are concerned with intonation. Such a proportion of the two aspects of pronunciation is justified by a much greater role of intonation in the development of speech habits at this stage of learning the language. It is presumed, nevertheless, that sound and intonation training is conducted simultaneously throughout the course.

Each unit in the intonation sections opens with a concise explanation ot the phenomena for study. Practice begins with Ear-Training Exercises to be done in the language laboratory. They are followed by an Auditory Test that can be conducted both in class and in the laboratory.

After the habits of imitation and reproduction have been established, emphasis in the intonation practice is laid on the "stimulus-response" kind of exercises. These make up the bulk of Speech Exercises performed in class under the teacher’s control. The Speech Exercises also contain a list of suggested situations intended to stimulate a conversation or monologue, in which the student will use spontaneously the familiar patterns.

1 Практическая фонетика английского языка/ Ю.А.Дубовский, Е.Б.Карневская, Г.В.Ковалева и др. - Мн. : Выш. школа, 1979. - 252 с.

The units end with Additional Practice including passages for reading, recorded dialogues, poems for memory work and situational contexts for conversational practice.

Work on the book was distributed in the following way:
Sound Drills — E.B.Karnevskaya, G.V.Kovalyova, L.D.Rakovskaya
Section II — Y.A.Dubovsky, E.A.Misuno
Sections I, III, YI, Yìl — E.B.Karnevskaya, E.A.Misuno
Sections IY, Y — E.B.Karnevskaya, G.V.Kovalyova
Section YIII — Y.A.Dubovsky, Z.V.Kuzmitskaya
Section IX — E.B.Karnevskaya, N.P.Frankovskaya
Section X — E.B.Karnevskaya, L.D.Rakovskaya
The intonation of the recorded texts of Additional Practice other than those taken from R.Kingdon’s "English Intonation Practice" and O’Connor and Arnold’s "Intonation of Colloquial English," was marked by the authors.

The authors gratefully acknowledge the debt they owe to all those at the Minsk State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages who helped them in the preparation of the manuscript. Their gratitude is also directed to the departments of phonetic of the Pedagogical Institutes of Foreign Languages in Moscow and Kiev and, in particular, to A.M.Antipova and O.F.Pilipenko.

Забележка: Здраво книжно тяло, без забележки в текста.
Ст!!!! Practical-English-Phonetics

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