Today's Missal

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  •  30-1-2019
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ISBN:97218-0030 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 160 / 235 Състояние: Мн. добро
Today's Missal

Hymns and Songs
Gathering 301
Communion 319
Eucharistie Hymns 367
Ministry & Mission 373
Blessing 388
Petition & Prayer 390
Jesus Christ 405
Church 412
Creation 419
Trust 425
Holy Spirit 443
Comfort 453
Love 473
Faith 489
Discipleship 500
Christian Life 512
Peace 526
Praise 534
Resurrection 566
Second Coming 577
Unity 582
Thanksgiving 588
Word 596
Light 601
Providence 608
Eternal Life & Heaven 616
Social Concern & Justice 621
Nation & Patriotic 630
God's Kingdom 635
Morning 640
Evening 644
Ritual Music
Christian Initiation 648
Penance & Reconciliation 663
Marriage 673
Funeral 679
Pastoral Care of the Sick 691
Adoration ". 694
Solemnities and Feasts
Blessed Virgin Mary 697
Holy Trinity 712
Holy Cross 718
Saints 722
Christ the King 728
Psalms and Canticles 739
Order of Christian Funerals 829
Morning Prayer 834
Evening Prayer 841
Mass Settings 848
Additional Service Music 934
Acknowledgments 945
Index of Titles for Hymns and Songs 946
Index for Mass Settings
and Additional Service Music 947
Index of Accompaniments 94

Publisher: John J. Limb

Director of Product Development: John Vogler Music Development Director: Eric Schumock Executive Editor: Wade Wisler Music Layout Editor: Mary Straub Assistant Editor: Monica Rodriguez Editorial Assistance: Bari Colombari Engraving Manager: Tia Regan Senior Typesetter/Music Layout: Melissa Schmidt
Music Development Manager: Rick Modlin Editorial Board: Barbara Bridge, Ken Cañedo,
Bari Colombari, Victor Cozzoli,
Dr. Randall DeBruyn, John J. Limb, Rick Modlin, Joanne Osborn, Rev. Msgr. Richard Paperini, Dr. Elaine Rendler-McQueeney, Pedro Rubalcava, Eric Schumock, Amanda Weller, Angela Westhoff-Johnson Art Director: Judy Urben Graphic Designer: Le Vu Cover Art: Make a Joyful Noise Too. Watercolor on paper. © 2015, Mark A. Jennings.

Volume 83, No. 1. TODAY'S MISSAL (ISSN 0199-8803) is published four times a year on frequency with the Liturgical Calendar as follows: the first two issues during the first week of Advent, the third issue the week of Holy Week, and the fourth issue in the first week of Summer Ordinary Time. Published by OCP, 5536 N.E. Massaio, Portland, OR 97213-3638. Periodicals postage paid at Portland, OR. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Today's Missal, P.O. Box 18030, Portland, OR 97218-0030

© 2015, OCP
Published with Ecclesiastical Approbation
OCP is a not-for-profit corporation organized exclusively for religious, charitable and educational purposes.

Забележка: Здраво книжно тяло, без забележки в текста.
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