Nuclear Medicine Physics: The Basics

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  •  27-1-2019
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Автор:Ramesh Chandra
Издателство:Williams and Wilkins
ISBN:068330092X Тегло (гр.): Формат: 170 / 250 Състояние: Мн. добро
Nuclear Medicine Physics: The Basics / Ramesh Chandra

NUCLEAR MEDICINE PHYSICS-The Basics fifth edition

'This classic text—formerly titled "Introductory Physics, of Nuclear Medicine" and now in the Williams & Wilkins Basics Series—is for radiology residents and nuclear medicine students seeking a comprehensive yet concise introduction to this topic.

The fifth edition of this time-tested volume is the best.yet, with these improvements:
• a new organization for last access to the material
* seven chapters thoroughly revised
• coverage of new radiopharmaceuticals, updated dosages, new developments in scintillation camera and SPECT. as well as new guidelines lor radionuclide usage
* a new feature at the end of each chapter—Key Points—that summarizes information presented in the chapter
* problems emphasizing the principles covered, to encourage critical thinking
• usage of both SI and CGS units
two new appendices
This valuable text will enhance your understanding of nuclear medicine and; its underly
ing principles.

The reception of the last edition of this book by resident physicians in radiology and nuclear medicine and by students of nuclear medicine technology has shown a continued need for an introductory book on physics and related basic sciences of nuclear medicine. Therefore, the purpose, the audience, and the level of subject matter remain the same as in previous editions. I quote,

"This book is primarily addressed to resident physicians in nuclear medicine as well as residents in radiology, pathology, and internal medicine who wish to acquire some knowledge of nuclear medicine. Nuclear medicine technicians wishing to advance in their field should also find this book useful.

I have tried to write in a simple and concise manner, including not only essential details but also many examples and problems taken from the routine practice of nuclear medicine. Basic principles and underlying concepts are explained. Mathematical equations or in some cases their derivations have been included only when it was felt their inclusion would help the reader and when it was essential for the proper development of the subject matter. However, the reader is warned that this is not an introductory book of physics, and, therefore, familiarity on his or her part with the elementary concepts of physics, such as units, energy, force, electricity, and light, is assumed by the author."

Keeping the level and spirit of the earlier editions intact, the following major changes have been made in this edition:

1. Seven of 16 chapters (5, 7,8,11,14,15, and 16) have been thoroughly revised. Besides reorganization of the material, new figures, tables, and text have been added. The enlarged material includes the new radiopharmaceuticals, an updated table of radiation doses from routine nuclear medicine procedures, the new developments in scintillation camera and SPECT, and the recent changes in the rules and regulations governing the usage of radionuclides. Methodology of comparison of radiation risks from various sources of exposure in general and from medical procedures in particular has also been introduced.

2. There are two new appendices—Appendix D: Radionuclides of Interest in Nuclear Medicine; and Appendix E: Organ Masses of a Standard Man.

3. The remaining chapters contain minor changes to add new information or clarify the text.

4. There is a new section at the end of each chapter, "Key Points," describing the important ideas, concepts, and facts discussed in the chapter.

5. The questions, designed to emphasize the salient features and concepts presented in each chapter and to enrich the learning experience of the student by making him or her think and analyze the problem before arriving at the solution, have been enhanced. Answers to the problems have also been provided.

6. Use of both SI and CGS units has been continued because their use in clinical practice persists.

I thank all the people who wrote to me either commending the book or pointing out the errors and omissions in previous editions. Both groups helped me in the preparation of this edition: the first group by boosting my morale and the second group by their suggestions. Individually, I thank Dr. D. Pizzarello, who always made himself available for discussions and served as a sounding board for my ideas. Last, but not least, I thank the publisher and the publisher’s staff for their help and cooperation in bringing my labor to fruition.

Ramesh Chandra New York, New York

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