New Connexions. Part 5: Images of Britain

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Автор:John Whitehead
Издателство:Penguin Books-Verlag
ISBN:9780140808896 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 190 / 245 Състояние: Мн. добро
New Connexions. Part 5: Images of Britain / John Whitehead

Acknowledgements 6
Unit 1 The Golden Age 8
Unit 2 End of an Era 24
Unit 3 To See Ourselves... 40
Unit 4 Britain Today 56
Unit 5 A Legacy to the World 80
Bibliography 94
Further Reading 94

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Images of Britain asks whether the clichéd images of fish and chips, umbrellas and bowler hats, and Charles and Diana are really accurate. It contrasts Britain at the height of the Empire with the present day of Thatcherism and membership of the EEC. Images of Britain examines the British and tries to discover what influence they have had on the world.
The Penguin New Connexions series consists of twelve books that provide supplementary and discussion material for upper intermediate and advanced students. The aim of each title is to offer a balanced view of a topical issue. Every book contains examples of texts taken from books, magazines, newspapers and reports, which provide interesting material for close study. Each text has a vocabulary list and is followed by a wide range of activities: questions, discussions, writing scenes for acting out and short stories, as well as group work to explore the major themes in each book. All the books are generously illustrated with photographs, cartoons, advertisements, charts and maps.

A Teacher’s Book for New Connexions 1 -6 by Joanna Gray is also published
New Connexions 1-6
1 Education Rick and Susan Harmes
2 Outsiders Simon Haines
3 What’s Happening to Us?
Shione Carden
4 Futurology Simon Welfare
5 Images of Britain John Whitehead
6 Unemployment Walter Schwarz
New Connexions 7-12 1 Food for Thought Rosemary Scott and John Whitehead
8 The Power to Inform Kenneth Morgan
9 Strawberry Fields Peter Treacher
10 Alternatives Michael Carrier
11 Backgrounds Peter Treacher and David Christie
12 Fact Fiction and Fantasy David Christie Teacher’s Book New Connexions 7-12 Joanna Gray
Cover illustration by Christopher Corr
Language Linguistics
ISBN 0-14-080889-2

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