PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice

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Автор:Matt Zandstra
ISBN:978-1-59059-909 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 180/240/30 Състояние: Мн. добро
PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice / Matt Zandstra

Contents at a Glance
About the Author xvii
About the Technical Reviewer xviii
Acknowledgments xix
Introduction to the First Edition xxi
Introduction to the Second Edition xxiii
PART 1 ■■■Introduction
CHAPTER 1 PHP: Design and Management з
PART 2 ■■■ Objects
ICHAPTER 2 PHP and Objects 11
ICHAPTER 3 Object Basics 17
«CHAPTER 4 Advanced Features 45
CHAPTER 5 Object Tools 71
CHAPTER 6 Objects and Design 97
part 3 ■■■ Patterns
CHAPTER 7 What Are Design Patterns? Why Use Them? 121
CHAPTER 8 Some Pattern Principles 129
ICHAPTER 9 Generating Objects 141
ICHAPTER 10 Patterns for Flexible Object Programming 167
CHAPTER 11 Performing and Representing Tasks 187
CHAPTER 12 Enterprise Patterns 223
CHAPTER 13 Database Patterns 277
PART 4 ■■■Practice
CHAPTER 14 Good (and Bad) Practice 321
CHAPTER 15 An Introduction to PEAR 329
CHAPTER 16 Generating Documentation with phpDocumentor 353
CHAPTER 17 Version Control with CVS 369
»CHAPTER 18 Testing with PHPUnit 391
SSCHAPTER 19 Automated Build with Phing 413
PART 5 ■■■Conclusion
1CHAPTER 20 Objects, Patterns, Practice 435
PART 6 ■■»Appendixes
APPENDIX A Bibliography 447
SAPPENDIX В A Simple Parser 449

Author of SAMS Teach Yourself PHP in 24 Hours
PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice second edition

Dear Reader,

In recent years, PHP has embraced the object-oriented revolution, both in terms of usage patterns and language features. Still, though, most books about object-oriented design focus on languages like Java and C++. But one of the nice things about designing with objects is how concepts can travel among languages. In this book, I explore object-oriented programming and design from the standpoint of a PHP programmer.

I begin with an overview of PHP’s object-oriented features, introducing key topics like class declaration, object instantiation, inheritance, and method and property encapsulation. You’ll also learn about advanced topics including static methods and properties, abstract classes, interfaces, exception handling, object cloning, and more. You’ll benefit from an extensive discussion of best practices in object-oriented design too.

The next part of this book is devoted to design patterns, a subject that naturally complements object orientation. I introduce pattern concepts and show you how to implement several key patterns in your PHP applications, and I include chapters on enterprise and database patterns.

In the last segment of this book, I introduce a number of great utilities that help you document, manage, test, and build your PHP applications, including Phing, PHPUnit2, PHPDocumentor, PEAR, and CVS.

I wrote PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice to give you the kind of help I would have liked when I first discovered object-oriented programming and design patterns, since I learned a lot of lessons the hard way, in both code design and good project practice.

Matt Zandstra Companion
Shelve in PHP
User level:
Beginning PHP and
PHP 5 Recipes: A
MySQL 5, Second Edition
■ Problem-Solution Approach
Beginning Joomla!
■ PHP Objects, Patterns, and
■ Practice, Second Edition
Beginning PHP 5. Prn PHP and MySQL E-Commerce
ISBN-13: 978-1-59059-909-9 ISBN-10: 1-59059-909-8
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