Smashing Book. Part 2

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Издателство:Smashing Media GmbH
ISBN: Тегло (гр.): Формат: 145 / 205 Състояние: Отлично
Smashing Book. Part 2

Table of Contents
Preface The Principles of Great Graphic Design
The meaning of graphic design. The difference between good and great design. Timeless design. Relational minimalism. Importance of contrast, space and tension. Typography. Visual voice.
Visible vs. Invisible Design
Seeing the invisible in design. Designing how users think. Mental models. Cluttered vs. clean. Design patterns and interface guide¬lines.
Designing Mobile User Experiences
Building and selling apps. Peculiarities of mobile software. Prin¬ciples of good app design. User interface design patterns for mo¬bile apps. Visual design of mobile apps.
Sketching, Wireframing and Prototyping
The design process. Ideation through sketching. Storyboards. Tech¬niques and tools. Wireframing. Prototyping. Testing and refining.
Red Flags (Warning Signs) in Web Development
Building for maintenance, not the moment. Why HTML and CSS code go bad. HTML painting and convoluted CSS syntax. Issues with JavaScript and back-end code.
The Future of Web Typography
Evolution of Web typography. @font-face rule. WOFF. The Open Source Type movement. Font licensing. Web font services. Cur¬rent problems in Web typography. Fonts Module and CSS3. Ex¬clusive interviews.
Applying Game Design Principles to User Experience 219
Combining social psychology, game design theory and economics.
Game mechanics: world, players and rides. Winning strategies for users and companies. Playbook and strategy for interaction designers. Game design techniques and real-life examples.
When They Click: Psychology of Web Design and User 253
Different views on design. The importance of social interactions.
Unconscious decision making. Social validation. Goal-gradient effect. Using distractions to grab attention. Satistficing. Mental models. Error handling. Inattentional blindness.
Design Patterns in e-Commerce Websites (Study) 275
Layout. Information architecture. Navigation. Color. Product, check-out and shopping cart pages. Wording and design of call- to-action buttons. Contact and support pages. On-site marketing.
How to Make a Book (Like This One) 319
Printing a book on your own or with a publishing house. Writ¬ing, editing and preparing the book for printing. Pricing, mar¬keting and fulfillment. eBook production: PDF, ePUB, Mobi¬pocket. Print on demand.
Index 357

In all honesty, the Smashing Book 1 could have been better in several ways: the overlong shipping times and poor quality of the binding were crucial mistakes we made with that first book. But everybody seemed to agree on one other thing: the high quality of the book’s content. This made it per¬fectly clear to us that we owed it to you, dear reader, to produce a second Smashing Book, again with high-quality content, and this time without production errors.
We wanted to make the Smashing Book 2 better than its predecessor in every respect. It ought to cover even more interesting topics and have more pages. We wanted it to be a hardcover book, with stitched binding, improved typography and a handsome bookmark. And we wanted to offer it all at the same price as Smashing Book 1. And you know what? That’s exactly what we’ve done.
The fantastic chapter illustrations in this book were created by Austra¬lian artist Yiying Lu, a well-respected and highly creative illustrator who became famous for her legendary Twitter fail whale.
You can find a list of all of the references and resources mentioned in this book in a handy overview online.1
The Smashing Book 2: The Lost Files
Initially, the book was going to contain more chapters:
1 The Ultimate Web Design Questionnaire and Checklist, by Kat Neville,
2 Plagues in Web Design and How to Deal With Them, by Speider Schneider,
3 Interview: Expert Tips From Renowned Designers, by Steven Snell,
4 Web Design Community: Where Are We Going? by Paul Scrivens.
However, we couldn’t include them in this book because of size limita¬tions. Instead, we’ve released these "lost files" as a free bonus eBook for buyers of the Smashing Book 2. The eBook is available for free to regis¬tered customers in the Smashing Shop.2
Please let us know what you think of the book via reviews, comments or emails at And thank you for your trust and your support: they really mean the world to us.
Vitaly Friedman, Sven Lennartz and the Smashing Family

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