Fall to Grace

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Автор:Eric Karlson
Издателство:Mariposa Press
ISBN:9780967022901 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 140 / 200 Състояние: Добро
Fall to Grace / Eric Karlson

Table of Contents
1 Streets 1
2 Cold Turkey. 29
3 Nam 49
4 Brothers 77
5 Smuggling 107
6 Murder 147
7 Villagers 173
8 Fragging 201
9 Escape 225
10 Mintu 253
11 Fever 285
12 Awakened. .297
13 Guidance 331
14 Trust 359
15 Stand-Down 385

I would like to thank Annie Flanders for her constant support and encouragement to put this story on paper, Paul Hindman for his insightful editing skills, Peter Stallard for his brilliant artistic contribution, Dr. Rodney Charles for his generous advice, and my publisher, Frank Baylin, for believing in me and my story. I would also like to thank my other friends who have helped make this book a reality. These include Michael Seiler, Stephen Belgin, Richard Espe, Wendy Weiss, Bob and Karen King, Liz Tredennick, Peter Lyon, Phyllis Karlson, Leaf Elgin, Jean Bowles, Russ Agee, Fred and Teresa Banta, David Walder, Laurel Peterson, Jeff Gregory, Jonathan Kolber and Micheál Shear.
Mariposa Press

1905 Mariposa Avenue
Boulder, CO 80302
ISBN — 0-9670229-0-8
First Edition — June 1999 Copyright 1999 by Mariposa Press
All rights reserved. Reproduction or publication of the content in any manner, without the express written permission of the publisher, is prohibited. No liability is assumed with respect to use of the information contained herein.

Join a tough, streetwise Brooklyn kid on his journey from the nightmare of drug addiction, through the vivid horror of Vietnam, to his sudden spiritual awakening

A tumultuous tale of the 1960s told with simplicity, innocence and a haunting realism you will long remember

Eighteen years old, hooked on drugs, his buddy recently dead from an overdose, Eric Karlson joins the Army hoping to kick his habit.

Two months later, he finds himself stationed in Vietnam, smuggling heroin and opium from villagers to GIs on his base. After witnessing incredible brutalities by some American forces towards innocent peasants, something snaps inside Eric. He throws down his M-16 rifle and goes AWOL. Villagers hide and protect him as he learns their simple ways of compassion. A prostitute in Hue falls in love with him, and a Vietnamese nurse befriends him.

Eric discovers an inner voice telling him to resist the strident U.S. military presence. He convinces some GIs to go AWOL and join him, but others try to murder him. The resisters are hunted by the Military Police, but are mysteriously protected. At Eric's greatest time of need, an angelic Being of Light reveals itself to him.

Guided by a higher presence, Eric's efforts to persuade other GIs to join the resistance effort lead us to a stunning conclusion, one which offers a remarkable vision and hope for the future.

Забележка: С посвещение от автора. Позахабени корици.
о2. Fall-to-Grace
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