How to find data on Reuters quickly and easily

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  •  19-12-2018
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How to find data on Reuters quickly and easily


The first edition of this guide clearly hit the mark. We knew that a lot of people wanted a general explanation of code structures and specific guides for each asset class. That's what you got, and the response was extremely positive.

This second edition simply brings the guide up to date. The underlying code structures for data remain very much as they were, but the markets, of course, constantly change. We have added details that point you to this information and we have removed some things that are no longer valid.

Since the first edition, Reuters displays have developed quite remarkably. As a rule, you can now find market data in context much more easily. Equity Views and Bond Views, for example, make it much simpler to get at fundamental data, reports, independent estimates and even electronic trading directly from a web browser. Top News also uses web technology to present news and pictures in a visually clear format. At the same time, more speed-guides, intuitive chain displays and better search tools mean that you can get to what you want quicker than before.

During this time, Reuters 3000 Xtra has taken major steps forward. The Get Going screen now presents an intuitive area where you can select the display that suits you best. New objects, such as the different NASDAQ viewers, the Intraday Viewer with VWAP, and the Index Movers, give real market insight straightaway.

Marcus Rees, John Hendry

Just what you were looking for...

The world's financial markets generate awesome amounts of data ceaselessly, and Reuters brings it straight to you. If you want to make sure that you're benefiting from the full breadth and depth of what's available, this book will tell you how.

What's the quickest way to find an instrument or a display in your asset class?... What search tools can you use?... How are the codes structured?... Which codes do you need to know?... What news formats are available?... How do you control the news you get for your market or region?

In other words, you want specific figures and relevant analytical context. This is just what you were looking for.

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