It's Your Language

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  •  19-12-2018
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Автор:John Hill, Peter Jennings
Издателство:UniversityTutorial Press
ISBN:0723108846 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 160 / 230 Състояние: Мн. добро
It's Your Language: Millfield School / John Hill, Peter Jennings

Our aim in writing and compiling this textbook has been to present material which is both relevant to English Language requirements and usable in the classroom.

The book has a simple, traditional structure. Rather than cramming as much in as possible, we have tried to match the contents to the amount of use a textbook is likely to receive: few teachers, we think, now turn automatically to a textbook in every lesson. Thus there should not be any need for time-consuming 'editing’ by the teacher. It is anticipated that each of the fifteen chapters will provide a fortnight’s material. There are some exceptions, but most chapters follow a regular pattern:

Composition, Sentences, Speaking and Listening, Words,

Comprehension and Summary. The final section contains exercises for the period immediately before the examinations, usually devoted to consolidation and revision.

The plan of the book assumes a progression from the 'shaking down’ period in September to the flurry of practice as the summer examinations approach. We would stress that it is a book to be worked through methodically. We assume that pupils in the fifth year can improve in their use of English; we also believe in the harmful, discouraging effect of early and repeated failure. Accordingly, many of the exercises and tests are so designed that a pupil is likely, with some thought, to produce a sequence of correct answers.

The Composition course provides a selection of carefully chosen models that illustrate the variety of styles with which the student should be familiar. Analysis, exercises and suggestions guide the pupil towards the task of writing a longer composition or essay in that particular genre.

The Sentences sections begin at a basic level and progress to the complexities of a more sophisticated use of language. We recognize that while not every class will utilize these exercises most will use some. If they are used either occasionally or out of sequence the logical progression of the other courses will not be affected.

The Speaking and Listening sections take into account the importance now allowed to spoken English. There are numerous exercises requiring pupils, individually and in groups, to practise these skills. Role play and scenario are used to provide a context for this practice.

The Words exercises do contain some spelling rules. The aim however, is not to provide a body of knowledge, but to encourage an awareness of vocabulary through a series of short exercises.

The Comprehension course moves from a demonstration of what the understanding of a text involves, through simple exercises requiring such understanding and ends with texts and questions typical of public examinations.
The Summary course begins with examining methods of abbreviating short and verbose passages and progresses to, for example, the selection of an argument and character reading from longer pieces of writing.

The text, for the most part, does not make assumptions about the pupil’s existing knowledge and ability, except that these may for the present fall short of the standard required by the examiners. We have had in mind the sort of pupil who is demoralized by the conventions of academic English but who can, with help, achieve competence in the public examinations.

We particularly wish to thank Graham Gibbon and Cheryl Jennings for all their help.


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