English for Adults. Part 3: Progress Book

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Автор:M. Blanchi, W. Blimel, A. Fitzpatrick, J. Qeetz
Издателство:Oxford University Press
ISBN: Тегло (гр.): Формат: 165 / 235 Състояние: Добро
English for Adults. Part 3: Progress Book / M. Blanchi, W. Blimel, A. Fitzpatrick, J. Qeetz

To the student

This is your Progress Book.

In class you learn to speak English and to listen to it and to understand it.

Often, there is not enough time to write in every lesson. It is also easier to speak if you can practise new structures at home when there is more time to think.

Perhaps you particularly want to learn to write in English too.


When you find this

PB 2

in your Coursebook, you can do no. 2 in your Progress Book; do all the other exercises at the end of the Unit in the Coursebook; then you know all the new words and can practise them again. The units of the Progress Book are related to each unit of the Coursebook.


Look at the examples before you do an exercise. They tell you what to do or what to fill in. Other Units about how to do the exercises are given in the С-parts of the Coursebooks for English for Adults Parts 1, 2 and 3.

When you have completed your answers look at the Key at the end of the Progress Book. Ask your course leader only if you have a problem. Do not use the Key until you have tried all other kinds of help. Remember, answers which you find out yourself will stay the longest in your memory.


There are five types of exercises in the units of the Progress Book.

1 Fill-in exercises in which important vocabulary from the A and В sections is revised. Make sure you really understand the list of words at the top of the exercise and then place them in the correct gaps in the text.

2 Exercises on grammar problems from the Unit.

3 Exercises on the correct use of idioms. (These could also be done in class).

4 Additional texts for practice in reading comprehension. These are linked thematically with the Coursebook.

5 Exercises which revise the most important structures of English for Adults Parts 1 and 2. At the end of each unit is a group of exercises which provide systemmatic revision. Often, the exercises use short texts, pictures or series of pictures.

Ah. . . .!

If you write your answers in pencil it is easy to correct them. Do the tests after Unit 6 and Unit 12.

At the end of the course you will have written a "second coursebook". The Progress Book is organized so that you can do all the exercises on your own but in courses of more than average length the Progress Book can be used in the class.

We hope you enjoy using this Progress Book.

The Authors.

L. A. Hill and D. Mallet, Cartoons for Students of English, Book 4, Oxford University Press.

Andy Capp, reproduced by special permission of Daily Mirror Newspapers Ltd.

Photo by Bob Watkins.

Illustrations by John Raynes, Ed McLachlan and Richard Appleby.
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