Pharmacokinetics and Antibiotic Efficacy

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  •  17-12-2018
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Автор:E. Genazzani
Издателство:Masson Editori
ISBN: Тегло (гр.): Формат: 165 / 235 Състояние: Мн. добро
Pharmacokinetics and Antibiotic Efficacy / E. Genazzani

Introduction - E. Genazzani /1
Pharmacokinetic factors in antibiotic effect: a dynamic system approach to the hea¬ling process - M. Eandi, G.P. Leonori Cecina /3
Protein binding of antimicrobials: changing concepts - W.A. Craig, S.C. Ebert, J.E. Leggett, B. Vogelman /31
In vitro experimental models for the évalutation of the relationship between inhibi¬tion curves and pharmacokinetics - I. Viano, /41
M. Eandi, G.P. Leonori Cecina, A. Realis Luc / 49
Relationship between pharmacokinetics and potential in vivo bactericidal activity of some /З-lactam antibiotics - G. Satta, R. /59
Fontana, G. Cornaglia Morphological response of bacteria in vitro as a function of antimicrobial drug con¬centrations - P. Periti, P. Niceletti /77
Antimicrobial activity and pharmacokinetics, the importance of integration of these factors to achieve optimal chemotherapy - H.C. Neu 91
Tissue penetration of antimicrobial drugs - T. Mazzei, P. Periti 105
Activity of antibiotics as functions of pharmacokinetics in some body districts and conditions at infectious focus - G. Gialdroni Grassi, P.M. Grassi, F.A. Grassi, C. Grassi /119
Management and control of infectious diseases in hospitalized compromised host by means of /З-lactam antibiotics - M. Moroni, G. Ortisi / 133
The optimal rate of antibiotic administration - G. Segre Conclusions - T. Di Perri, E. Genazzani / 141


Institute of Pharmacology, University of Turin.
The knowledge of the pharmacokinetics of an antibiotic is certainly useful to characterize its behaviour inside the organism, but it is closely linked to the evaluation of the activity of the drug. Pharmacokinetic data permit today the precise characterization of various chemioantibiotics, but from a clinical point of view, it is very important to know the relationship between pharmacokinetics and therapeutic activity. In fact the "in vivo" antibacterial activity of antibiotics depends, in theory, on the concentrations available for enough time at the site of infection.

Pratically, however, often is not clear what is the relation between these kinetic parameters and the therapeutic activity.

The aim of this meeting is to consider this problem: the evaluation of the ways it may be possible to join pharmacokinetic parameters with pharmacological activity, and the significance of those parameters in the clinical use of antibiotics.

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