Manager's Guide to Health and Safety at Work

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Автор:Jeremy Stranks
Издателство:Kogan Page Limited
ISBN:0749416653 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 155 / 220 Състояние: Мн. добро
 Manager's Guide to Health and Safety at Work / Jeremy Stranks

List of Figures vii
List of Tables via
Foreword ix
Prefaces X
Acknowledgement xii
Part 1: Health and Safety Management and Administration
1 Principal Legal Requirements 3
2 Reporting, Recording and Investigation of Accidents, Diseases
and Dangerous Occurrences 28
3 Principles of Accident Prevention 37
Part 2: People at Work
4 Human Factors 65
5 Ergonomics 71
6 Stress at Work 90
Part 3: Occupational Health
7 Occupational Diseases and Conditions 101
8 First Aid 110
9 Dangerous Substances 119
Part 4: Safety Technology
10 Engineering Safety 137
11 Fire Prevention 145
12 Electrical Safety 153
13 Structural Safety 157
14 Construction and Contractors 161
15 Mechanical Handling 169
16 The Working Environment 177
17 Office Safety 191
Index 199
Index of Advertisers 205

List of Figures
Figure 1 Powers of health and safety inspectors 10
Figure 2 Summary of features of notices under the Health and
Safety at Work Act 1974 11
Figure 3 Improvement and prohibition notices 14
Figure 4 Health and safety information leaflet 23
Figure 5 The cause—accident—result sequence 33
Figure 6 Safe system of work 45
Figure 7 Health and safety review 53
Figure 8 VDU workstation principles 77
Figure 9 Correct seating and posture 80
FigurelO Correct handling - proper grip 82
Figure 11 Correct handling - straight back 83
Figure 12 Correct handling — proper foot positions 83
Figure 13 Correct handling - use your bodyweight 84
Figure 14 Guideline weights for lifting 86
Figure 15 Sources of managerial stress 92
Figúrele Resuscitation procedure 117
Figure 17 Hazard warning symbols 125
Figure 18 COSHH action plan 131
Figure 19 In-running nips 139
Figure 20 Shearing traps 139
Figure 21 Entanglement risks 140
Figure 22 The fire triangle 145
Figure 23 Fire instructions notice 151
Figure 24 Trapping points on a reversible belt conveyor 170
Figure 25 Traps between sprocket and chain on a reversible
chain conveyor 170
Figure 26 Safety requirements at the junction between a belt
conveyor and roller conveyor 170
Figure 27 Typical form of company Permit to Drive 174
Figure 28 Extract ventilation systems 184
Figure 29 Guarding to a hand-operated guillotine 194

List of Tables
Table 1 The ergonomic approach to the work situation 72
Table 2 Categories of danger 123
Table 3 Fire and fire appliance classification 147
Table 4 Colour coding of fire appliances 148
Table 5 Comfort temperature ranges 179
Table 6 Average illuminances and minimum measured
illuminances 180
Table 7 Maximum ratios of illuminance for adjacent areas 181
Table 8 Effective reflectance values 182
Table 9 Comparable noise doses 187
Table 10 Noise sources, pathways and control measures 187

Managers must appreciate that the whole approach to health and safety at work has changed. No longer are we concerned with complying with the minimum prescriptive standards laid down in the old legislation. The need for managers to manage their responsibilities for health and safety is the key issue of the 1990s. But what do we mean by ‘management’? One definition is: ‘the effective use of resources in the pursuit of organisational goals’. People are undoubtedly an organisation’s most important resource. Without people, we wouldn’t be in business.

Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992, organisations have a very important duty, namely, ‘to make and give effect to such arrangements as are appropriate for the effective planning, organisation, control, monitoring and review of the preventive and protective measures’. This means incorporating health and safety procedures and systems in the normal day-to-day management of the business and not waiting until an accident occurs before taking action.



Fourth Edition

.. the definitive book on the topic ... a must for all health and safety managers.'

Your Business

'Clear, informative and readable. . . would be useful for a manager with little or no knowledge of health and safety to have ready to hand.'

Health and Safety at Work

'The information is relevant, simply expressed and clearly presented. . . Supervisors can rely on it for quick and reliable answers.'

Modern Management

'Information methodically set out and systematically covered, complete with lists of references ... sensibly written.'

Daily Telegraph

Health and safety has become a crucially important aspect of a company's responsibilities and should be treated as an integral part of the management system, particularly now when penalties for transgressors are high and mitigating circumstances few.

Now in its fourth edition, A Manager's Guide to Health and Safety at Work is the resource for all managers responsible for the welfare of their staff. Unravelling the complicated legal obligations, this book also explains how to establish systems and procedures for health risk and hazard control. With the latest legislation also included, this new edition is packed with essential information for the busy manager.

Covering a wide range of topics, clear advice and information is given on:

• Reporting, recording and investigation of accidents, diseases etc • Ergonomics

• Occupational diseases and conditions • First Aid • Dangerous substances

• Engineering safety • Fire prevention • Electrical safety • Structural safety

• Construction and contractors • Mechanical handling • Office safety.

Highly accessible, A Manager's Guide to Health and Safety at Work, is essential reading for any manager wanting to understand the day-to-day practicalities and legal implications of occupational safety.

Jeremy Stranks was chief health and safety adviser to the Milk Marketing Board and Dairy Crest Ltd before becoming a consultant and freelance trainer in the areas of occupational health and safety and food safety. He is the author of several books including The Handbook of Health and Safety Practice and the various Guides to Health and Safety in Practice.

I am sure A Manager's Guide to Health and Safety at Work will go some way in providing the information to managers on the systems they must install and the measures they must take to ensure effective health and safety management.

Mr Frank Davies CBE Chairman Health & Safety Commission

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