Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus

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Издателство:Thomas Nelson Publishers
ISBN:0-8407-4259-2 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 120 / 170 Състояние: Мн. добро
Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus (Английски език)

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced without written permission of the publisher, except for brief quotations in critical reviews and articles. Printed in the United States of America.

Published in Nashville, Tennessee by Thomas Nelson, Publishers and distributed in Canada by Lawson Falle, Ltd., Cambridge, Ontario.
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Roget’s 21st century thesaurus
p. cm.—(21st century desk reference set)
ISBN 0-8407-4259-2 (HB-Burgundy)
0-8407-4230-4 (HB-Navy)
0-8407-3481-6 (PB)
1. English language—Synonyms and antonyms. I. Thomas Nelson Publishers. П. Title: Roget’s twenty-first century thesaurus. Ш. Series.
PE1591.W36 1992
423'.1—dc20 91-47533
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How to Use Roget’s Thesaurus
I’l ; i er Mark Roget (1779—1869) was a British lexicographer md physician. Roget ’s Thesaurus, a standard reference work for over a century, represents his highly personal view of how the Inglish language reflects the structure of the universe. In some ways, that view is dated today; but the complex structure and breadth of the thesaurus still prove surprisingly helpful to the modem user.

For most users, the key to the synonyms in the body of the book lies in the alphabetical listing in the index. The uniqueness of Roget’s original plan of classification provides the user with.iccess to related words and requires nothing more than a near-synonym to help locate the word sought. Roget’s Thesaurus is more than simply a synonym dictionary—both in the lists following individual headwords and in the grouping of headwords under the various sections, it is a diverse collection of associated and related words and phrases.

For example, suppose you are looking for a synonym for lull: i check in the index yields the reference number, 403; turning lo that entry provides the synonyms silence, stillness, quiet, liush, peace.

Hut, suppose you are trying to find a verb meaning ‘to feel very dissatisfied’ and the synonyms listed under discontent are not "strong" enough for your рифове. A brief check of the re-l.itcd, contiguous headwords will lead you to the entry for regret which provides the synonyms lament, deplore, bemoan, bewail, rue.

This edition of Roget ’s Thesaurus has a number of other spe-■ features. Dictionaries of synonyms, unless they are of con-uli rable size, rarely provide alphabetical listings of all the words in the book. In this edition, you will find every word listed in the index.

I.arger books may provide more synonyms, but the user of i iln'saurus is rarely looking for a rare or unusual word: he wants an equivalent word that is part of everyday language. This edition is the only abridged Roget’s Thesaurus available. While retaining the original structure and all the 1,000 headwords, all antiquated words and phrases have been removed. In addition, the book has been modernized to include the most current usage and the newest developments in language.

In this abridgment, many duplications have been omitted to save space. For maximum usefulness, the user should look through other associated parts of speech for the word he is seeking, for adjectives and verbs can yield nouns and adverbs, and vice versa. For example, adverbs can be formed by adding -ly to some adjectives and nouns by adding -ness to some adjectives.

The Publisher

Caution: If the word selected is not completely familiar, check its meaning and usage in this volume s dictionary before risking its use in an incorrect or unidiomatic context.

The words shown in boldface in the index indicate they are the title or heading of a category.

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