Hunting Fear

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  •  10-12-2018
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Автор:Kay Hooper
Издателство:Bantam Books
ISBN:9780553803167 Тегло (гр.): 621 Формат: 165 / 235 Състояние: Мн. добро
Hunting Fear / Kay Hooper

From New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper comes a chillingly brilliant thriller that pulls the reader into the depths of absolute terror. In the first book of her new "Fear" trilogy, Hooper pits a merciless human predator against a psychic special agent whose expertise is nothing less than...

He’s no ordinary kidnapper Not only does he strike again and again, but he collects the ransom, gets away safely, and leaves his helpless hostages dead. Now, after months of eluding the best that law enforcement can put against him, this monster has left nothing in his wake but a cold trail of unconnected victims.

He’s no ordinary cop Lucas Jordan, a key agent and profiler in Noah Bishop’s Special Crimes Unit, has an extraordinary skill: he locates missing people. But his uncanny ability comes with a price, and his methods rouse mistrust in the hard-nosed cops forced to call him into their investigations.

Now Jordan has come to Clayton County, North Carolina, where the latest in a string of kidnapping victims has turned up dead. Complicating the situation is the presence—and predictions—of someone who’s even more of an outsider than Jordan himself: carnival psychic Samantha Burke, a woman out of his
own haunted past. Her warnings meet with skepticism from the local police but spur Jordan on to do what he does best: hunt fear.

But the killer he is hunting is hunting Jordan—and he’s already several moves ahead in a twisted game whose rules Jordan must learn in order to have a fighting chance. For his psychopathic opponent has extended a very personal challenge—and he’s about to threaten the one life the profiler values even more than his own....
KAY HOOPER is the award-winning author of Sense of Evil, Touching Evil, Whisper of Evil, Once a Thief, Always a Thief, the Shadows trilogy, and more. She lives in North Carolina, where she is at work on the next installment in the Fear trilogy.

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Jacket design and art by Yook Louie

Bantam Books

Забележка: Здраво книжно тяло, без забележки в текста.
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