The Joy of Meditating

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  •  8-12-2018
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Автор:Salle Merrill Redfield
Издателство:A Time Warner Company
ISBN:9780446672344 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 140 / 200 Състояние: Мн. добро
The Joy of Meditating / Salle Merrill Redfield

Open your heart...and there you will find the joy of meditation. "
Salle Merrill Redfield
In today’s high-pressure and hectic world, more and more people are discovering how to relax and find a sense of comfort and well-being through the practice of meditation. In this inspiring bpok, Salle"Merrill Redfield guides you through four brief, movingly poetic, and beautifully conceived meditations. Each celebrates nature as a revered path to self-knowledge and spiritual enlightenment, leading you.on a satisfying mental journey first to a placid stream. . . then to a tranquil lake. . . and finally a limitless emerald ocean. Building progressively, these meditations will help you to relax your body and reduce stress and pain. Steeped in exquisite imagery and born of your own powers of visualization, they will take you to that place within yourself, usher you into the kingdom of inner peace; and grace you
with the love that is
$8.99 US/$11.99 CAN

ISBN 0-446-67234-3
780446 672344

Забележка: Здраво книжно тяло, без забележки в текста.
st . The-Joy-of-Meditating
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