Traveling With Power

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  •  8-12-2018
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Автор:Ken Eagle Feather
Издателство:Eagle Dinamics, Inc
ISBN:9781878901286 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 140 / 210 Състояние: Мн. добро
Traveling With Power / Ken Eagle Feather

1. Traveling with Power / 13
2. Finding a Power Guide / 28
3. The Land of Toltecs / 56
4. Following the Red Brick Road / 90
5. Basic Traveling Tips / 122
6. Gently Down the Stream / 148
7. Out-of-Body Traveling Tips / 173
8. Pleiadean Conversations / 202
9. Traveling with Spirit / 237
Appendix Is Recommended Power Books / 261
Appendix Ils Recommended Power Films / 265
References / 269
Index / 272

The Exploration and Development of Perception
Perception is the river that runs through and shapes the landscape of the New Consciousness movement. Its tributaries course through strange and exotic territories of the mind and spirit. In Traveling with Power, Ken Eagle Feather, the author of A Toltcc Path, tells of his early travels along many winding branches of perception.

He begins with his apprenticeship to nagual don Juan Matus, where he first learned to enhance and manage perception. Next he winds his way through shamanistic practices, with side trips into lucid dreaming. He continues with his out-of-body experiences at The Monroe Institute, and travels into dimensions beyond the physical.

In this original blend of spiritual autobiography and perceptual map-making, Eagle Feather shares many of his power exercises and instills the reader with the spirit of exploration.
"[Eagle] Feather’s personal exploration and adventures spice the teachings, and his candid sharing of experiences lends credibility and gives confidence to the reader."

—Body Mind Spirit

"[Eagle Feather] fits my preconceived notion of what a warrior should be."

—Magical Blend
ISBN 1-070401-20-15 1295
9 781878 901286
Metaphysical / Nagualism

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о2. Traveling-With-Power

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