Lie Theory And It's Applications In Physics

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  •  5-12-2018
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Автор:H. D. Doebner, V. K. Dobrev
Издателство:World Scientific Pub Co Inc
ISBN:9789812389367 Тегло (гр.): 733 Формат: 165 / 235 Състояние: Отлично
Lie Theory And It's Applications In Physics / H. D. Doebner, V. K. Dobrev

This volume is targeted at theoreticalphysicists, mathematical physicists and mathematicians working on mathematical models for physical systems based on symmetry methods and in the field of Lie theory understood in the widest sense. It includes contributions on Lie theory, with two papers by the famous mathematician Kac (one paper with Bakalov), further papers by Aoki, Moens. Some other important contributions are in: field theory - Todorov, Grasse, Kreimer, Sokatchev, Gomez; string theory - Minwalla, Staudacher, Kostov; integrable systems - Belavin, Helmlnck, Ragoucy; quantum-mechanical and probabilistic systems -Goldin, Van der Jeugt, Leandre; quantum groups and related objects - Jakobsen, Arnaudon, Andruskiewltsch; and others.

I. Lie Theory
Twisted Modules over Lattice Vertex Algebras
B. Bakalov and V.G. Kac
Structure Theory of Finite Lie Conformai Superalgebras
D. Fattori, V.G. Kac and A. Retakh
On Characters and Dimension Formulas for Representations of the Lie Superalgebra gl(mn)
E.M. Moens and J. Van der Jeugt
Matching Conditions for Invariant Eigendistributions on Some Semisimple Symmetric Spaces S. Aoki and S. Kato
II. Field Theory
Rational Conformai Correlation Functions of Gauge Invariant Local Fields in Four Dimensions
N.M. Nikolov, Y.S. Stanev and I.T. Todorov
Renormalisation of Noncommutative Scalar Field Theories H. Grosse and R. Wulkenhaar
On the Insertion-Elimination Lie Algebra of Feynman Graphs K. Ebrahimi-Fard, D. Kreimer and I. Mencattini
Superconformai Kinematics and Dynamics in the AdS/CFT Correspondence E. Sokatchev
Renormalons and Fractional Instantons
C. Gomez
III. String Theory
The Hagedorn/Deconfinement Phase Transition in Weakly Coupled Large N Gauge Theories
0. Aharony, J. Marsano, S. Minwalla, K. Papadodimas and M. Van Raamsdonk
Two-Loop Commuting Charges and the String/Gauge Duality G. Arutyunov and M. Staudacher
Boundary Ground Ring and Disc Correlation Functions in Liouville Quantum Gravity
1. Rostov
Strings, Integrable Systems, Geometry and Statistical Models A. Marshakov
Impact of Dynamical Tensions in Modified String and Brane Theories
E.I. Guendelman, A. Kaganovich, E. Nissimov and S. Pacheva
IV. Integrable Systems
Quantum Group in Roots of Unity and the Restriction of XX Z Model A. Belavin
Spaces of Boundary Values Related to a Multipoint Version of the -ftTP-Hierarchy G.F. Helminck
Integrable Systems with Impurity E. Ragoucy
Two Exactly-Solvable Problems in One-Dimensional Hyperbolic Space
Ğ. Burdik and G.S. Pogosyan
The Diagonal Affine Coset Construction of the Z* Parafermion Hall States L. Georgiev
V. Quantum Mechanical and Probabilistic Systems
Measures on Spaces of Infinite-Dimensional Configurations, Group Representations, and Statistical Physics
G.A. Goldin, U. Moschella and T. Sakuraba
On the n-Particle Wigner Quantum Oscillator: Noncommutative Coordinates and Particle Localisation
R.C. King, T.D. Palev, N.I. Stoilova and J. Van der Jeugt
Bundle Gerbes and Brownian Motion R. Léandre
On a Spectral Triple Related to Discrete Quantum Mechanics 'H.-D. Doebner and R. Matthes
Path Integral Approach to Noncommutative Quantum Mechanics B. Dragovich and Z. Rakić
VI. Quantum Groups and Related Objects
Matrix Chain Models and Their g-Deformations
H.P. Jakobsen
Exotic Bialgebras: Non-Deformation Quantum Groups
D. Arnaudon, A. Chakrabarti, V.K. Dobrev and S.G. Mihov
The ç-Boson-Fermion Realization of the Quantum Superalgebra Uq(gl(m/n))
E. Burdtk and 0. Navrátil
Irreducible Representations of Liftings of Quantum Planes N. Andruskiewitsch and M. Beattie
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