Bellydance. Dolphina

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Издателство:DK Publishing, Inc
ISBN:9780756605551 Тегло (гр.): 477 Формат: 200/ 240 Състояние: Мн. добро
Bellydance / Dolphina

What is Bellydance? 6

Defining Bellydance 8

Why Bellydance? 10

Movement Principles 12

Getting Started 14


The Goddess Salutation 20

Quick Reference 30

Basic Moves Level One 32

Classic Arms 34

Genie Arms 35

Snake Arms 36

Chest Slide 38

Chest Lift and Drop 39

Hip Sway 40

Hip Pop 42

Hip Shimmy 43

Hip Lift and Drop 44

Small Hip Circle 46

Large Hip Circle 48

Moroccan Hip Circle 50

Dance routine level One 52

Genie Dance, Part One 54

Genie Dance, Part Two 58

Genie Dance Finale 62

Genie Dance Summary 66

Basic moves Level Two 68

Goddess Arms 70

Isis Arms 71

Mermaid Arms 72

Chest Circle 74

Hip Twist 78

Tunisian Twist 80

Figure Eight 82

Hip Snake 84

Maya 86

Hip Camel 88

Traveling Snake Arms 90

Traveling Hip Lift and Drop 92

Dance routine Level Two 94

Goddess Dance, Part One 96

Goddess Dance, Part Two 100

Goddess Dance Finale 104

Goddess Dance Summary 108

Basic Moves Level Three ho

Head Slide 112

Hand Undulations 114

Shoulder Shimmy 116

Chest Camel 118

Body Wave 120

Traveling Hip Snake 122

Traveling Hip Camel 124

Traveling Hip Twist 126

Four-Count Turn 128

Dance routine Level Three 130

Veil Dance, Part One 132

Veil Dance, Part Two 136

Veil Dance Finale 140

Veil Dance Summary 144

Bellydance Lifestyle 146

Costume 148

Bellydance Music 150

Parties and Performing 152

Styles of Bellydance 154

Resources 155

index 158

acknowledgments and about the AUTHOR 160

For centuries bellydance has toned and sculpted the bodies of women across the globe. Now, with Dolphina's expert guidance, you too can harness the power of bellydance.

Bellydance is a sexy, fun, non-impact exercise that burns fat, increases flexibility, and tones the body.

energize your fitnIess routine and build confidence with this easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to the basics of bellydance.

•Dolphina is a professional bellydancer with her own studio in Los Angeles.

She has introduced bellydance to thousands of women with her famous "Goddess Workout." She has worked with many celebrities, including Salma Hayek,

Heather Locklear, Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra, and Minnie Driver.
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о2. Bellydance
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