Environmental Risk Management for Major

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Environmental Risk Management for Major


Chapter overview iv
Foreword Louise Moore Herbert Smith Freehills LLP v
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Herbert Smith Freehills LLP Louise Moore
Environmental risk management has always been a core component in major projects - but never more so than in recent times. The Macondo well blow out in 2010 and the Fukishima disaster in 2011 provided fresh stimulus for the way that governments, regulators, corporates, NGOs and citizens examined environmental regulation and liability. Detailed assessments were undertaken as to whether regulations and processes were fit for purpose and what law reforms, and changes in practices, were necessary to fill identified gaps.

Law firms like ours were never busier on this issue. We worked with other lawyers all over the world - in all continents - in a plethora of jurisdictions, helping companies develop the most robust of regulatory risk assessments and processes; relating not just to project development but also extending to operational and safety risk, which is critical to project success.

Whatever the project type, wherever the jurisdiction, common questions emerged:

• What are the legal risks which could seriously endanger the project or the project company?

• What risks do group companies face as a whole - can parent company liability be imposed?

• What are the reporting obligations?

• What is the prospect of personal liability, for those on the board and for others?

• What do project financiers, shareholders, partners, and external stakeholders require of companies?

Many other questions in a similar vein were raised.

Information is not always easy to access, and laws and enforcement attitudes are evolving rapidly, often in a reactionary fashion, around the globe. So when the European Lawyer asked me to assist with an environmental book of international relevance, the subject matter of the book was self-evident.

Such a title can never be complete, but we have endeavoured to bring together the key issues in many of the key jurisdictions. From local and international laws and conventions through to international finance standards such as the Equator Principles and associated requirements; from the Green Scorpions enforcing in South Africa and the creation of an Environmental Fund in Romania (with the hypothecation of a range of environmental taxes and levies) through to an examination of how Fukishima liability issues are being addressed in Japan are discussed in this guide.

The book has been fun to compile and I hope both interesting and informative to read. Health, Safety and Environment is now considered the number one business risk for projects and for the many businesses operating in high risk sectors. I very much hope that this book will provide a useful tool for those engaged with environmental risk management in these fields - and that it can be built upon and improved going forward to take on board new risks, insights and feedback.

I would like to thank all of the leading practitioners in the many countries who have worked so diligently to compile the chapters in this book. All of the contributors to this volume welcome feedback from the reader on how the coverage of issues may be improved going forward.

I would also like to thank the Reference Book Team at the European Lawyer without whose continuing support this book would not have been published.

Louise Moore,

October 2012

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