Bernard Shaw 1856-1950

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Автор:Eric Bentley
Издателство:Vail-Ballou Press
ISBN: Тегло (гр.): 208 Формат: 115 / 165 Състояние: Добро
Bernard Shaw 1856-1950 / Eric Bentley

BERNARD SHAW BY ERIC BENTLEY. . the best critical description of my public activities I have yet come across," Bernard Shaw wrote of the first edition of this book, published in 1947. John Mason Brown, writing in The Saturday Review, called it "the fairest, most illuminating, and best analysis so far to have been written of (Shaw’s) beliefs, his methods and his meaning."

The text of this edition, except for the illuminating essay on "Shaw and the Actors" and a few corrections and addenda, especially in the critical bibliographies, is the same as that of the original book.

Mr. Bentley first treats of Shaw’s politics, indicating their historical context, and ther^proceeds to his religious opinions and an interpretation of his "naturalistic mysticism." The major part of the book, naturally, is devoted to Shaw’s theatre. Here the chief plays are analyzed in some detail and their themes related to the whole pattern of the Shavian life-work. Mr. Bentley then sums up Shaw’s career, suggesting that he lived out the "tragedy of greatness" which figures in some of his plays.

Eric Bentley is Brander Matthews Professor of Dramatic Literature at Columbia University. His books include Wirnt Is Theatre?, The Playwright as Thinker, In Search of Theater, and A Century of Hero Worship; he has also edited several anthologies of plays. A well-known stage director, he has directed a number of Shaw’s plays.


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