How Good is David Mamet, Anyway?

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  •  4-12-2018
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Автор:John Heilpe
Издателство:Stage & Screen Book Club
ISBN:9780415925471 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 160 / 240 Състояние: Мн. добро
How Good is David Mamet, Anyway? / John Heilpe

"To describe a play he liked, John Heilpern says it was ‘mind-boggling-ly entertaining.’ He could be referring to his own joyful book. In the great tradition of English theatre criticism, his writing hides its deep seriousness behind a glitter of fun."

— Peter Brook

"John Heilpern is one of the smartest, most literate, most decent critics this country’s theater has had. He writes beautifully, he’s wonderfully funny, he’s incisive and insightful. Even when one disagrees with him (I would, for instance, answer that I think David Mamet is very, very good, great even), one finds in the disagreement the pleasure to be had from intelligent argument about art. Most importantly, Heilpern cheers for the difficult and daring in theater. As much as he shows himself here to be a great chronicler of our theater’s past, John Heilpern is one of our most important and articulate champions

of its future." ...

—Tony Kushner

"Brilliantly witty and provocative, John Heilpern’s writing is based on a passionate and profound appreciation of vibrant, living theater."

— Natasha Richardson

"John Heilpern is truly rare. His reviews are generous, openhearted and smart, without being effusive—tough and incisive without being mean. And ever present is his love for the theater and respect for the people who make it."

— George C. Wolfe

ISBN 0-415-92547-9
A SELECTION OF THE Stage & Screen Book Club
9 780415 925471

How Good is David Mamtt, Anyway?
Writings on Theater— and Why It Matters

John Heilpern
What makes an actor great? Why is English theater better than American—or is it? How good is David Mamet, anyway?
How Good is David Mamet, Anyway? is the best of John Heilpern’s theater writings. There’s a glittering cast list: Vanessa Redgrave and Ralph Fiennes, Helen Mirren and George C. Wolfe, Fiona Shaw and Savion Glover, Karen Finley and David Mamet, and dozens of others. There’s also a major piece on the vital differences between the British and American theater scenes, profiles of such legends as Noël Coward, Gielgud and Richardson, and Alec Guinness, review-essays on the great, good, and awful plays of our time, as well as irreverent views of some of our most widely admired theater icons.

For anyone who loves the stage, How Good is David Mamet, Anyway? is a chocolate box of a book.

John Heilpern was born in England and educated at Oxford. He became known for his award-winning profiles for The Observer of London, and is currently drama critic for The New York Observer. He has also worked as Sir Peter Hall’s assistant director at the Royal National Theatre as well as with Michael Bennett on Broadway. He is at work on the authorized biography of John Osborne, and is the author of a classic book about theater, Conference of the Birds: The Story of Peter Brook in Africa, also available from Routledge.
John Heilpern lives in Manhattan.

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