The Pitmen Painters Lee Hall

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Автор:Lee Hall
Издателство:Faber & Faber
ISBN:9780571242276 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 130 / 200 Състояние: Отлично
The Pitmen Painters Lee Hall / Lee Hall

In 1934, a group of Ashington miners and a dental mechanic hired a professor from Newcastle University to teach an Art Appreciation evening class. Unable to understand each other, they embarked on one of the most unusual experiments in British art as the pitmen learned to become painters. Within a few years the most avant-garde artists became their friends, their work was taken for prestigious collections and they were celebrated throughout the British art world; but every day they worked, as before, down the mine.
The Pitmen Painters premiered at Live Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne, in September 2007, before transferring to the National Theatre in 2008.
‘An inspiring, important new play. The Pitmen Painters asks - as Hall did in Billy Elliot - why the arts seem to belong to a privileged cabal ... A play that’s both deliciously comic and grave.’ Observer
‘Enormously moving, not just because Hall intimately understands the community about which he is writing, but because the play celebrates the very notion of community, and a working-class spirit - that now only flickers and splutters - which understood that it had as much right to education and culture as those born into the middle and upper classes. . . This is a play about the importance not just of feeding your stomach and your brain, but about feeding your soul. And it does just that.’ Guardian
Cover image: Pigeon Crees by Jimmy Floyd, 1938 © Ashington Group Trustees

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