Stones in His Pockets / A Night In November

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Автор:Marie Jones
Издателство:Nick Hern Books
ISBN:9781854594945 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 130 / 200 Състояние: Отлично
Stones in His Pockets / A Night In November. Two Plays / Marie Jones

■ A hit in Dublin, Edinburgh, Belfast and the West End of London, STONES IN HIS POCKETS is a 'sad, hilarious and irresistible' two-man show about the filming of a Hollywood epic in rural Ireland (Sunday Times). A pair of extras, Charlie and Jake, tell the story by taking on all the roles themselves - including that of the know-nothing siren playing the lead... 'Marie Jones pulls off an ingenious theatrical trick that has a political kick' Time Out.

■ Seen in Glasgow, London and New York and on tour throughout Ireland, A NIGHT IN NOVEMBER follows Kenneth McCallister, family man and Ulsterman, on the fateful night in November in Belfast when the Republic of Ireland qualifies against Northern Ireland for the World Cup, and Kenneth finds himself watching the sectarian hatred of the crowd rather than the football. 'Angry, funny, compassionate' Observer.

■ Marie Jones has been a Belfast-based writer since 1983. Her many other plays include Women on the Verge of HRT, which transferred to the West End, and an acclaimed version of The Government Inspector.

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