Their Very Own and Golden City / Dickon / Bread and Butter

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Автор:Arnold Wesker / David Pinner / Cecil Taylor
Издателство:Penguin Books
ISBN: Тегло (гр.): Формат: 115 / 165 Състояние: Мн. добро
Their Very Own and Golden City / Dickon / Bread and Butter / Arnold Wesker / David Pinner / Cecil Taylor

Their Very Own and Golden City is Wesker's seventh play to appear in New English Dramatists and his most ambitious yet. Andrew Cobham's dream of building co-operative Golden Cities, poetically and dramatically illuminated in the play, stands for a multitude of similar post-war dreams. In Bread and Butter Taylor's two characters provide a running commentary on socialism: as they live out their private lives in Glasgow during the last thirty years, they discuss the great revolutionary crises of the century at length. Pinner's Dickon is concerned with pain and the effect on a family of the father's death. Pinner, to quote Robert Bryden, 'won't allow that pain can do any good, but the theme of his play is that refusal to face it will certainly do harm'. The dialogue is written in the same poetical diction as Fanghorn, published in Penguin Modern Playwrights.
For copyright reasons this edition is not for sale in the U.S.A.

Authors' photographs from left to right: Wesker, Pinner (Essanay Ltd), Taylor (Michael Wolfe)

Introduction by RonaldBrydett 7
Their Very Own and Golden City 17
Arnold Wesker
Dickon 93
David Pinner
Bread and Butter Cecil Taylor

Penguin Books Ltd, Harmondsworth, Middlesex, England Penguin Books Australia Ltd, Ringwood, Victoria, Australia
Introduction Copyright © Ronald Bryden, 1967

Their Very Own and Golden City First published by Jonathan Cape 1966 Published in Penguin Books 1967 Copyright © Arnold Wesker, 1966


First published in Penguin Books 1967 Copyright © David Pinner, 1967

Bread and Butter First published in Penguin Books 1967 Copyright © Cecil Taylor, 1967
Made and printed in Great Britain by Cox and Wyman Ltd, London, Reading and Fakenham Set in Monotype Bembo
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