Modern Dramatists: Alan Ayckbourn

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Автор:Michael Billington
Издателство:Macmillan Education Ltd
ISBN:978-0333489895 Тегло (гр.): 270 Формат: 130 / 200 Състояние: Мн. добро
Modern Dramatists: Alan Ayckbourn / Michael Billington

List of Plates Editors’ Preface Acknowledgements

1 In The Beginning
The Square Cat, Love After All, Dad’s Tale, Standing Room Only, Xmas v Mastermind, Mr Whatnot

2 The Plots Thicken
Relatively Speaking, The Sparrow, How The Other Half Loves, Ernie’s Incredible Illuci-nations, Countdown, The Story So Far (subsequently known as Me Times Me Times Me and Family Circles)

3 Ritual Behaviour
Time and Time Again, Absurd Person Singular, The Norman Conquests

4 Laughing Till It Hurts
Service Not Included, Absent Friends, Confusions, Jeeves, Bedroom Farce

5 Winter Solstice
Just Between Ourselves, Ten Times Table, Joking Apart

6 Onwards and Upwards
Men on Women on Men, Sisterly Feelings, Taking Steps, Suburban Strains, Me, Myself and I, Making Tracks, Season’s Greetings, Way Upstream

7 The State of the Nation
Intimate Exchanges, A Chorus of Disapproval, Woman in Mind, A Small Family Business, Henceforward, Man of the Moment, The Revengers’ Comedies.

Chronology of Plays Select Bibliography Index

Editors’ Preface
Modern Dramatists is an international series of introductions to major and significant nineteenth- and twentieth-century dramatists, movements and new forms of drama in Europe, Great Britain, America and new nations such as Nigeria and Trinidad. Besides new studies of great and influential dramatists of the past, the series includes volumes on contemporary authors, recent trends in the theatre and on many dramatists, such as writers of farce, who have created theatre ‘classics’ while being neglected by literary criticism. The volumes in the series devoted to individual dramatists include a biography, a survey of the plays, and detailed analysis of the most significant plays, along with discussion, where relevant, of the political, social, historical and theatrical context. The authors of the volumes, who are involved with theatre as playwrights, directors, actors, teachers and critics, are concerned with the plays as theatre and discuss such matters as performance, character interpretation and staging, along with themes and contexts.

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