Television Plays

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Автор:Paddy Chayefsky
Издателство:Simon and Schuster
ISBN: Тегло (гр.): Формат: 135 / 205 Състояние: Добро
Television Plays / Paddy Chayefsky

The Bachelor Party
Printer's Measure
Holiday Dong
The Big Deal
The Mother

Holiday Song l
author's note: an adaptation 35
Printer’s Measure 41
author’s note: a construction 81
The Big Deal 89
author’s note: television craft 126
Marty 133
author’s note: two choices of material 173
The Mother 181
The Bachelor Party 219
author’s note: the director and the actors 259

About the Author
Paddy Chayefsky was born in New York City on January 29, 1923. He attended DeWitt Clinton High School and CCNY before enlisting in the Army during World War II. In Germany he ran afoul of a booby trap that put him in the hospital, where, while convalescing, he wrote the book and lyrics for the Army musical No T.O. for Love. After the war he worked briefly in his uncle’s print shop (an experience that inspired Printer’s Measure), then turned to writing scripts for movies, radio and, finally, television. Mr. Chayefsky is married and lives in Manhattan.

Забележка: Здраво книжно тяло, без забележки в текста. Позахабени корици.
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