Ancient Chinese Inventions

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Автор:Deng Yink
Издателство:China Intercontinental Press
ISBN:9787508508375 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 165 / 235 Състояние: Мн. добро
Ancient Chinese Inventions - Deng Yink (Английски език)

Cultural China Series
Table of Contents

I Brilliant Achievements of Science and Technology in Ancient China Land of Inventions and Discoveries /3Joseph Needham and the History of Science and Technology in China /6

11 The Four Major Inventions Are the Four Major Inventions the Most Important? /13 Compass /14 Gunpowder /17 Paper /18 Printing /21

25 Other Major Inventions (I)Iron and Steel Smelting and Ironware /28 
Copper Smelting and Bronze Ware 131 Extraction and Application of Petroleum 136 
Discovery and Mining of Coal /37 Pottery and Porcelain /38 Wine and Liquor /44 Sericulture /48 Tea and Tea Culture /51

55 Other Major Inventions (II)

Star Catalogue and Star Atlas /56 Observation of Solar and Lunar Eclipses /60 Surveying of the Meridian /62 Zhang Heng and His Seismograph /64 Guo Shoujing and His Shoushi Calendar /67 The Decimal and Binary Systems /70 Zu Chongzhi and Pi /73 Equal Temperament /76

79 Other Major Inventions (III)
Traditional Chinese Medicine /81 Acupuncture /86 Anesthetic /89 Variolation /92 The Great Wall /94 Grand Canal of China /97 Dujiangyan Irrigation System /100

103 Miscellaneous Smart Inventions
Kite /104 Abacus /108 Weiqi /111 Hot-Air Balloon /112 Parachute /113 Archery /115 Match /117 Chinese Kung Fu /118 Football /120 Golf /121

123 Classical Works of Science
Kao Gong Ji /124 Huangdi Nei Jing /124 Shanghan Zabing Lun /125 Qi Min Yao Shu /126 Mengxi Bitan /126 Yingzao Fashi /127 Wang Zhen Nong Shu /128 Bencao Gangmu I129 Tiangong Kaiwu I130 Nong Zheng Quanshu I131

134 Appendix: Chinese Dynasties

The Western world used to know little about China's past, except for the four major inventions. As a matter of fact, China as an important source of human civilization had given birth to brilliant ancient science and technology and led the world in most of the history of world civilization, and till the mid-19th century its economy was the largest in the world. The development of science and technology in ancient China was based on the observation and study of the human body, the objective world, the heavens, and the earth, which led to the concept of "Integration of nature and man." The achievements nourished Chinese culture and civilization, and contributed greatly to mankind.

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