Rheumatoid Arthritis Pathogenetic

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Автор:W. Müler, H. G, Harwerth, K. Fehr
Издателство:Academic Press
ISBN:0125100507 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 175/ 280/0 Състояние: Мн. добро
Rheumatoid Arthritis: Pathogenetic Mechanisms and Consequences in Therapeutics / W. Müler, H. G, Harwerth, K. Fehr
These proceedings contain the various papers presented at the Symposium on Rheumatoid Arthritis held in Basle in March, 1971 as part of the "Colloquia Geigy" series, together with the discussion remarks to the individual contributions and also the discussions which took place at the round-table conference held on the final day. The proceedings themselves, together with the list of participants, clearly reflect the wide spectrum of the many scientific aspects which were presented and discussed during the course of this symposium. The overall aim of the symposium was to provide an opportunity to discuss and evaluate the developments and results of research into rheumatoid arthritis and thus to establish a new basis for treatment of the disease.

The Organizing Committee of W. Müller (Chairman), H.-G. Harwerth and G. Kaganas was responsible for arranging the scientific programme. The collaboration and the personal efforts of the moderators of the separate sessions, J. Lindner (Hamburg), M. W. Whitehouse (Los Angeles), M. Ziff (Dallas), P. A. Miescher (Geneva), F. Hartmann (Hanover) and A. St. J. Dixon (Bath), contributed in great measure to the success of the symposium and in the name of all participants the editors would like to express their special appreciation and thanks to them for their invaluable help and collaboration.

Our thanks are also due to В. E. Taylor, R. G. Billington, Mrs. B. Stangoni and G. Debono for their untiring efforts and in carrying out the many translations and corrections, and to Mrs. Y. Bodmer, Miss M. Frank and Miss E. Burri, who compiled the final manuscript. Without their help the early publication of these proceedings would not have been possible.

We would finally like to express our thanks to G. F. B. Birdwood (Geigy Scientific Publications, London) and to Academic Press Inc. (London) Limited, who gave us many suggestions regarding the layout and presentation of this book and whose co-operation in its publication is greatly appreciated.
W. Müller H.-G. Harwerth K. Fehr
Basle and Zurich August, 1971

Parkinson’s Disease

A New Approach to Treatment

Report of an international clinical symposium

Symmetrel in Parkinsonism
edited by

Q- F- B. Birdwood S. S. B. Gilder and C. A. S Wink
August 1971, xii +116pp., 

This clinical symposium was organized in order to reduce delays in studying and making known the efficacy and side-effects of a particular new drug, amantadine hydrochloride (Symmetrel®). Held in London in June 1971, the symposium provided leading international neurologists and pharmacologists with a unique opportunity to discuss the role of the drug in treatment of Parkinson’s disease in the light of their own experience and to bring their views to a wider medical audience.

Although essentially a practical manual for both hospital physicians and general practitioners, it will also be of value to medical researchers and students.

This is a book primarily for specialist research workers and clinicians involved with the study and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. It offers a full report on the International Symposium on ‘Rheumatoid Arthritis — Pathogenetic Mechanisms and Consequences in Therapeutics’ held in Basle in March 1971 and contains the individual papers read, the discussions which followed these and the dialogue at the round table conference on the final day.

In recent years, research has revealed much about the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis and work is at present being carried out on its causative factors. The aim of this, volume is to present and evaluate current developments and the results of research, and thus to establish a new basis for the treatment of the disease as, even today, therapy remains unsatisfactory. The contributions are backed by the latest data: special attention is paid to the immunological and biochemical aspects of the disorder and to alterations of connective tissue metabolism.

Apart from its obvious importance to specialists in rheumatoid arthritis, this reference book will also be of value to those investigating general rheumatology, immunology, experimental medicine, the biochemistry of connective tissue and experimental pathology.

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