Chemistry for Changing Times

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  •  19-11-2018
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Автор:John W. Hill, Cynthia S. Hill
Издателство:Macmillan Publishing Company
ISBN: Тегло (гр.): Формат: 200 / 230 Състояние: Мн. добро
Chemistry for Changing Times / John W. Hill, Cynthia S. Hill (Английски език)

For a 1-2 term Chemistry and Society course for non-science majors. Visually appealing, understandable, and interesting to read, Chemistry for Changing Times is the leading text that defines the liberal arts chemistry course. Its goal is to create informed, scientifically literate consumers and decision-makers. In presenting basic chemical concepts with abundant everyday applications, the authors personalize chemistry for today's students-focusing them on evaluating information about real-life issues instead of memorizing rigorous theory and mathematics.


To the Student xv

Chemistry A Science for All Seasons 1

Atoms Are They for Real? 28

Atomic Structure Images of the Invisible 40

Nuclear Chemistry The Heart of Matter 66

Chemical Bonds The Ties That Bind 96

Names, Formulas, and Equations The Language of Chemistry 123 

Acids and Bases Please Pass the Protons 146 

Oxidation and Reduction Burn and Unburn 161

Chemistry of the Earth Metals and Minerals 183

21 Cosmetics The Chemistry of Charm 470
22 Chemotherapy
23 Drugs Chemistry and the Human Mind 516

24 Sports The Chemical Connection 547

25 Chemical Toxicology Hemlock, Anyone? 564


A The International System of Measurement At 
B Exponential Notation A4 
C Solving Problems by Unit Conversions A9 
D Significant Figures At 7 
H Glossary Alt
F Answers to Selected Problems A35
Index it
From Colds to Cancer 486

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