American Medical Association Manual of Style: A Guide for Authors and Editors

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  •  18-11-2018
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Издателство:Williams & Wilkins, Chicago
ISBN:978-0683402063 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 180 / 270 Състояние: Мн. добро
American Medical Association Manual of Style: A Guide for Authors and Editors

9th Edition


The frontispiece is our whimsical allusion to something we take very seriously. We have added new sections, fresh examples, and revised policies—attempting to attend to the smallest detail with a minimum of cursing.

What’s new in this edition?

■ An expanded chapter on legal and ethical concerns in publishing, including copyright and intellectual property, authorship, and the rights and responsibilities of authors, editors, and reviewers

■ An extensive chapter on statistics, featuring a section on study design and a large glossary of statistical terms, their definitions, and preferred presentation, including notes on common errors

■ A completely updated chapter on nomenclature, including several new subsections

■ New policies for eponyms and numbers style, with rationale and examples

■ A larger references section, featuring new examples, including style recommendations for electronic references

■ An expanded discussion of inclusive language and abbreviations

■ A larger section on figures and tables, with a description of types of figures and their most appropriate use

■ A new section on typography

■ Current information on electronic publishing, including copyright issues and reference style, and a description of how rapid changes in the publishing environment have affected manuscript processing, from copyediting to printing

■ End-of-chapter references (rather than end-of-book references) for greater ease of use; in chapters with many distinct subsections, we have included end-of-section references

What remains? Chapters that are at the heart of every editor’s and author’s concern, such as capitalization, grammar, correct usage, and punctuation, remain—all updated with new examples.

The work on the ninth edition proceeded much as that on the eighth. The committee divided the work, did independent research and writing, and critiqued chapters or sections at biweekly meetings. This cycle was repeated 2 or 3 times for most chapters and in some cases complete agreement was not reached: rather we agreed to disagree, and the majority opinion, even if not the opinion of every committee member, became the policy.

New to this edition is the attribution of "principal author" for each chapter or section. Because this was truly a group effort, we do not claim sole authorship but rather seek through this means to provide accountability.

After review by the committee, the draft of the manual (all or part) was reviewed by more than 70 in-house and external journal editors, managing editors, manuscript editors, and other critics. To these reviewers, we owe a tremendous debt. Their contributions were important in enhancing the substance of the manual, correcting errors, and polishing presentation. Any errors or omissions in the manual are solely the responsibility of the committee.

Cheryl Iverson, MA

Chair, AMA Style Manual Committee

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