Series of Basic Information of Tibet of China. Tibetan Education

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Автор:Zhou Aiming
Издателство:China Intercontinental Press
ISBN:9787508505701 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 140 / 210 Състояние: Отлично
Series of Basic Information of Tibet of China. Tibetan Education Zhou Aiming 

(Английски език - Неизползвана книга.)

"I see that Beijing is very beautiful through TV. I shall study hard to be able to get there for further study." Quzhag Qoinpe, a teenager living in Jiuli County told us his dream when he accepted a lift in our car to his high school in the county
Seat. The 13 year old boy was bom and Norbu Mining Area in Shannan Prefecture

brought up on the grassland. The year 
2001 witnessed realization of a new step

of the grass-roots education system in 
Tibet: each township having at least a 
primary school and each county having
at least a high school. This meant a lot to him, because in the same year he had finished his primary schooling in the township, and become the first high school student in his family for generations! His father took him on horse back, climbing over two high mountains to the high school in the 
county seat. Unlike life during the nomadic primary school days, he would lead a brand-new boarding school life from then on. His home was not terribly far from the county seat, it took them just a day by horseback if they took the shortcut. So his father carried him by horseback home every weekend. But in the beginning of this semester, his father was still grazing in the winter range, so the boy had to walk alone for five hours to
Teacher and Pupils of a Primary School of 

About This Book
This illustrated account of education in Tibet gives a brief summary of 'Feudal Serfdom' period and the pre-1951 attempts to modernise. More detailed accounts are given of the post-1951 policies and work of the central government to transform the educational scene. The 1966-76 setbacks during the Cultural Revolution are noted and details given of the subsequent reordering. The development of secondary, higher and technical centres, and the establishment of universities, research institutes and postgraduate facilities are described and future policy aims are noted.

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