The United States and China in power transition

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  •  11-10-2018
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Автор:David Lai
Издателство:Carlisle, PA: Strategic Studies Institute, U. S. Army War College
ISBN:9781584875154 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 150 / 230 Състояние: Лошо
Английски език.

The United States and China have experienced many changes in their relations in the past 30 years. Some international security experts posit that the most profound one has begun—an apparent power transition between the two nations. This potentially titanic change, it is argued, was set in motion by China's genuine and phenomenal economic development over the past decade, or so. Clearly, China's impact on the United States and the U.S.-led international system has been growing steadily.

Historically, most great power transitions were consummated by war. Can China and the United States avoid a deadly contest and spare the world another catastrophe? The good news is that the two nations expressed goodwill in the mid-2000s, with China's promise of peaceful development and the U.S. call for China to become a responsible stakeholder in the extant international system. The bad news is that China and the United States still have many unsettled issues, some of which directly involve the two nations' core interests and others indirectly entangled with China's neighbors. Those issues can lead to the two nations stumbling into unintended clashes, hence triggering a repeat of the great power tragedies of the past.

Some scholars predict that over the next 30 years and beyond, this apparent power transition process will continue to be a defining factor in the U.S.-China relationship. What can we expect from China and the United States with respect to the future of international relations? As China's economic, political, cultural, and military influences continue to grow globally, what kind of a global power will China become? What kind of a relationship will China develop

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