The Urinary Tract: Roentgen Diagnosis

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Автор:J. R. Thornbury, D. A. Culp
Издателство:Yar Book Medical Publishing. Inc., Chicago
ISBN: Тегло (гр.): 922 Формат: 160 / 240 Състояние: Мн. добро
The Urinary Tract: Roentgen Diagnosis. J. R. Thornbury, D. A. Culp

The URINARY TRACT / Roentgen Diagnosis

Assistant Professor of Radiology, University of Washington School of Medicine; formerly Assistant Professor of Radiology, University of Iowa College of Medicine
Professor of Urology University of Iowa College of Medicine



In their preface to the forerunner of this book, The Urinary Tract: A Handbook of Roentgen Diagnosis, Drs. H. Dabney Kerr and Carl L. Gillies stated, “Since its discovery, the roentgen ray has assumed an increasingly important role in the study of the urinary tract.” The subsequent two decades have strengthened the validity of this statement. With the perfection of old techniques and introduction of new methods, it has become possible to visualize radiographically virtually the entire urinary tract. Furthermore, in many situations it is now possible to observe the function of the various portions of the urinary system by use of cinefluorographic or television taping techniques. These developments have added considerably to our knowledge of urologic lesions and their elfect upon the urinary tract.

When properly utilized, the diagnostic uroradiographic procedures permit early institution of corrective measures which, in many instances, prevent further depletion of renal function. In spite of the important position these procedures have attained in the diagnostic aspects of urologic disease, they should be utilized primarily as an adjunct to the clinical evaluation and care of the patient. The information derived from radiographic examinations should complement, not replace, that obtained by other means, such as adequate history, complete physical examination and appropriate laboratory studies.

In preparing this book, we had the good fortune to have available for our use the material from the Kerr and Gillies volume which was published in 1944. The portions of their text and illustrations which still apply to current uroradiographic diagnosis provided us with an excellent base from which to develop the present book. One third of our illustrations were made from the original Kerr and Gillies negatives, which were generously provided by Dr. Gillies.

The book is designed as a relatively low-priced handbook to be used as a ready reference by the medical student and general practitioner as well as the urologic and radiologic specialists. We have not attempted to construct the book as an encyclopedia of uroradiologic knowledge but have utilized the radiographic appearance of urologic lesions as
 the basic material, supplemented by pertinent clinical and pathologic information to support our conclusions.

We wish to acknowledge our indebtedness to all the physicians who have contributed to the pool of clinical information and common experience from which this book has been derived. Particular appreciation is extended to our collegues at the University of Iowa: Drs. H. Dabney Kerr and Carl L. Gillies of the Department of Radiology and Dr. Rubin H. Flocks and the late Dr. N. G. Alcock of the Department of Urology for the wealth of material they collected and recorded, from which we have drawn extensively. The encouragement and help of Dr. E. F. Van Epps, Chairman of the Department of Radiology, during the preparation of this book are appreciatively acknowledged. Most of the angiographic illustrations were made available by Dr. Stephen H. Cornell of the Department of Radiology. Photographic reproductions and consultation were provided by Mr. Charles E. Seemuth and Mr. James A. Kent of the University of Iowa Photographic Service. Mrs. Ruth A. Cordle was responsible for the typing of the final manuscript. We also wish to extend our sincere thanks to the staff of Year Book Medical Publishers, who provided invaluable assistance and co-operation in the preparation of this book.

Individual cases for our use as illustrations of several unusual entities were generously provided by: Dr. Andrew B. Crummy, Jr., Madison, Wisconsin; Dr. James A. Gunn and Dr. George Benisek, Grand Rapids, Michigan; Dr. H. P. Ironson, San Leandro, California; Dr. E. D. Kennedy, Mason City, Iowa; Dr. Tom L. Petty, Denver, Colorado; Dr. Thomas E. Starzl, Denver, Colorado; and Dr. George M. Wyatt, Iowa City, Iowa.


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