Billie's Kiss

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  •  9-2-2018
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Автор:Elizabeth Knox
Издателство:Ballantine Books
ISBN:9780345450517 Тегло (гр.): Формат: 140 / 200 Състояние: Мн. добро
Billie's Kis by Elizabeth Knox

“Delicious . . . Deftly evokes turn-of-the-century Scotland, a windswept world of shushing petticoats, knowing butlers, and fractured class rule . . . Like the heroines of Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte, Billie can be opaque, wistful, and fabulously layered, literally and metaphorically.”

—San Francisco Chronicle
In the spring of 1903, a ship explodes as it docks on a remote Scottish island, drowning many of the passengers and crew in the icy waters of the harbor. Young, pink-haired Billie Paxton is among the only survivors. Clumsy, illiterate, and suddenly alone, she will not say why, moments before the explosion, she leapt from ship to shore—and so she falls under the immediate suspicion of her fellow passenger Murdo Hesketh, who is determined to discover the truth behind the ship’s fate.

As Billie attempts to come to terms with an uncertain future, she acquaints herself with the eccentric inhabitants of Kiss Castle: the enigmatic Lord Hallowhulme, who owns the island; his beautiful wife and worldly children; Geordie Betler, a spinsterish gentleman’s gentleman; and the fierce, fair-haired Murdo Hesketh, who inspires in Billie equal amounts of rage and passion.

“Billie is an appealing character: sensuous, impulsive, and a bit mysterious. Sex and romance are rendered strikingly and erotically. . . . Knox’s writing and imagination are promising, and fans of literature should watch closely to see how her novels evolve.”

—The Washington Post

“Knox’s narrative style draws much from the nineteen-century romance, with its lush writing and darkly wild settings. Yet Knox brings her own slant to the genre, allowing some of her characters to find solid placement in their frighteningly changing world.”

-—Los Angeles Times

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