English Texts for Slavonic Philology Students

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  •  3-2-2018
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Автор:Svetla Markova
Издателство:УИ "Св. Климент Охридски"
ISBN: Тегло (гр.): Формат: 140 / 200 Състояние: Мн. добро
English Texts for Slavonic Philology Students. Svetla Markova

Сборникът с английски текстове е предназначен за студенти от Факултета по Славянски филологии при СУ. Той съдържа оригинални критически материали за английски, американски и български авторi по история на Англия, изкуствознание и лингвистика. С това се цели да се запознаят студентите филолози с английската терминология в тази област с оглед на бъдещaта им работа като специалисти. Помагалото може да се използува от студенти* избрали английския език като втора специалност, както и от всички които са в по-напреднал стадий на изучаване на езика.
(с) Светла Николова Маркова, съставител 1990
с/о Jusautor, Sofia

The purpose of the present collection is to provide both student and instructor with a variety of English texts centring round two nain themes: literary criticise' and linguistics. All the texts have been taken froa original English and Aaerican sources.

The first part of the book is aeant to introduce the student to sone commentaries on the major English and Aaerican writers, as well as to give certain information on English and Aaerican history and art. There are some reviews of Bulgarian works of art by English authors, too.

The second part of the collection is Intended to acquaint the student with certain linguistic problems. The author has endeavoured, as far as possible, to present some of the main. English and American linguistic schools. The articles are concerned with the phonological, the grammatical, the semantical levels of language. Some of the texts show the nature and mechanism of the English language on the basis of linguistic science and others are essentially a survey of patterns of present-day English.

Those using the collection as a textbook are warned that it is not a graded course, and that the texts are not presented in order of difficulty. The stylistic variations of the materials will enable the instruc-i tor to chose the proper'excerpt for every group, depending on the particular interests and needs of the students .
Svetla Markova

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