Van Halen: Excess All Areas

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  •  2-2-2018
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Автор:Malcolm Dome
Издателство:Penguin Group USA
ISBN: Тегло (гр.): Формат: 205 / 300 Състояние: Мн. добро
Van Halen: Excess All Areas by Malcolm Dome

From school halls in Pasadena to the biggest stadia. Van Halen's rise to the very top of the Rock world has been truly phenomenal. But theirs is not just a success story, it's also the tale of one of the most influential Rock bands of all time.
Their mix of innovative musicianship and outrageous showmanship remains unique, yet has inspired countless imitators. This is the reason they were once dubbed the Godfathers of American Hard Rock.
Now, Rock journalist Malcolm Dome traces their career, detailing a story that is often dramatic, occasionally controversial, but never dull. It's all here; the musical highlights, the personality clashes, the remarkable live performances, the explosive split between vocalist David Lee Roth and the rest of the band.
This is a book that reflects the real Van Halen; living life to its fullest extent, whatever the consequences!
Distributed by
The Penguin Group


Chapter 1 ■ Ladies and Gentlemen ... 
Chapter 2 ■ Running With Those Devils 
Chapter 3 ■ Two's Company 
Chapter 4 ■ Bring On The Women! 
Chapter 5 ■ Warning Shots 
Chapter 6 ■ Happy Trails? You're Kidding 
Chapter 7 ■ Might As Well Jump 
Chapter 8 ■ Monster Ravings 
Chapter 9 ■ Crazy Times Ahead 
Chapter 10 ■ Break Out The Smiles 
Chapter 11 ■ The Sky's The Limit?
Chapter 12 ■ A Little Is Never Enough 
Chapter 13 ■ Filthy Rubbish 
Chapter 14 ■ Enter Van Hagar 
Chapter 15 ■ ||t 'Em And Laugh 
Chapter 16* Breaking The Law!
Chapter 17 ■ Live At Last Discography

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