Contemporary Business Law: Principles and Cases

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  •  14-12-2017
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Автор:J. David Reitzel, Donald Lyden, Nathan Roberts, Gordon Severance
Издателство:McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
ISBN:0070519072 Тегло (гр.): 2289 Формат: 202/260/52 Състояние: Мн. Добро
Contemporary Business Law: Principles and Cases. J. David Reitzel, Donald Lyden, Nathan Roberts, Gordon Severance. 

to business schools with a variety of degree programs and a corresponding variety of law courses.
A business student needs two kinds of law courses, each giving attention to the intemal and external environments of business:

(1) A broad introductory course revealing the general nature of law, its major elements and modes of operation, its facilitative and restrictive roles in business activity, and some of the dynamics of law, ethics, and business.

(2) Additional law study relevant to the stu-dent’s business major and future roles as а business person and Citizen—coursework building upon themes struck in the intro-ductory course and enhancing one’s ability to take law into account when making business decisions.

Our рифове has always been to provide mate-rial for both kinds of courses—material that, for each type of course, would contribute not only to business students’ professional development, but also to their awareness of the fundamental, enduring, and universal aspects of the law.

In undertaking this, the fourth edition of Con-temporary Business Law, our first concern was to im-prove the elements commonly used in the introductory course and to develop practical materials on business ethics (centered around a new chapter, Law and Business Ethics, by Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr.) for use throughout the book as an integral part of the study of business law. We have updated the rext where legal developments warrant, and we con-:inue our efforts to streamline it, improve readabil-ïty, and maintain a proper balance in meeting the immediate and long-term student needs that a com-prehensive business law textbook should address. The result, we believe, is a book especially suited
Organization and Appendixes
Contemporary Business Law has the following twelve parts together with appendices containing the United States Constitution (excerpts), the Uniform Commercial Code, The Uniform Partnership Act, the Uniform Limited Partnership Act, and the Model Business Corporation Act:
Part One:

Part Two: Part Three: Part Four: Part Five: Part Six: Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine Part Ten
Part Eleven:
Part Twelve:
Law, Ethics, and the Legal System

Tort and Criminal Law Contracts Sales

Property and Estates Debtor-Creditor Relations Insurance Commercial Paper Agency Business Organizations (in-cluding securities regulation and accountants’ liability) Government Regulation (in-cluding administrative law and process)

International Business Law (dealing with legal aspects of international trade)
The introductory and background chapters of Part One are followed by a wide variety of legal foundations chapters (Parts Two through Ten) re-lating to the functions, intemal structure, and op-erations of business. Next are five chapters (Parts Eleven and Twelve) focusing on the external environment of business. As noted below, however,..........

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