Indian Interiors

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  •  25-8-2017
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Автор:Sunil Sethi, Deidi von Schaewen
ISBN:9783822835678 Тегло (гр.): 1162 Формат: 210 / 270 Състояние: Отлично
The sights, smells and sounds of India draw legions of travellers every year in awe of the changing terrain and countryside, but to truly experience the range and diversity of this huge country one needs to gaze into the many, spectacular residences, as rich and eclectic as the landscape that surrounds them. Indian Interiors provides a longing glimpse into these exotic abodes. India's visual culture is ruled by bright colours, religious decoration and the unrelenting heat of the sun, and designers have responded to this challenge in many ways over the centuries. With this book as guide, you can wander into the restored splendour of ancient Maharajas' palaces, enjoy living in houseboats on the lotus-covered lakes of Kashmir, or cool off in imposing colonial buildings built for British rulers wilting in the tropical heat. This is truly a world of contrasts, as we move from simple but beautifully hand-painted tribal huts to the L.A. influenced home of a Hollywood star, from a Buddhist house in Ladakh to the most original house designed in India by Le Corbusier. All the interiors here are lavishly photographed and documented.

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